CS Series

CS Active Enclosures have an amplifier built-in and are pre-tuned, ported enclosures, creating a professional sound. They come complete with all wiring needed for installation, simple 'plug-and-play' is all that is required - eliminating time and cost.

Performance Series

Performance Series Active Enclosures are the ultimate bass solution, as they combine everything needed for installation within one complete pack. The loaded enclosure is constructed from heavy-duty material and is ported and tuned for optimal performance. The heavy duty construction of the enclosure virtually eliminates resonance, providing far more defined bass tones. The subwoofer is highly efficient - producing louder bass from less power. The internal amplifier is Class-D high efficient and all Performance Active Enclosures include an 8 gauge wiring kit. Performance Active Enclosures prove you can have quality, value and performance in one box - the simplest route to extreme bass.

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