Marine DVD Stereo


Update V1.1.3360

Released on 18 Feb 2014

If your marine stereo is using FUSION-Link to connect to a MFD (Multi-Function-Display) please check with your MFD manufacturer to ensure that their software is compatible with Release 3360. If the software on the MFD is not compatible with this release your marine stereo or the MFD may not operate correctly. In this case, please ensure that your stereo uses Release 2785.

Release 1.0.2785

• Current Factory Software (recommended for customers utilizing a FUSION-Link MFD which is currently incompatible with software update 1.1.3360)

Periodically Fusion may issue software upgrades for your product, these upgrades can be downloaded directly from the Fusion website.

Note: Upgrading your unit will require the use of a USB flash drive with at least 15Mb of free space.

Download the update

Download the update zip file to your desktop or your designated download folder.

Unzipping the update file

The update file is provided in a WinZip (.zip) format. An unzip utility such as WinZip is required to unzip the file.

Unzip the file using the WinZip command ‘Unzip/Extract Here’ or equivalent in your unzip utility. A folder called update is created, containing the update files. Either extract directly to your USB flash drive or move the update folder to your USB flash drive manually.Note: You should only have a folder named "update" in the root directory of your USB device, if you can see multiple files the update will not execute.

Installing the upgrade

After the file has been unzipped and copied, insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector of your marine stereo. Press the ‘source’ key to cycle to the ‘USB’ source and wait for the unit to recognise the drive.

Finally press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Settings’ then select ‘Update’. Select ‘Head Unit’ (Select MS‑205 on the  MS-RA205 or select MS-700 on the 700 series). The words ‘Updating and then success...’ will appear on the screen and after a short duration the unit will restart.
Warning: When upgrading your unit, all AM, FM and VHF station presents are erased. Tuner and VHF tuner regions are reset to USA. All zone settings, tone, subwoofer filter settings, source settings and device name are returned to default values.

If you have one or more MS-NRX200 remote controls connected to your head unit they must also be updated. The update is performed from the Marine Stereo. Ensure all of the remotes are powered on and connected to the stereo. On the MS-AV700-i/IP700-i/RA205 Marine Stereo press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Settings’ then select ‘Update’. Select ‘MS-NRX200’.  The stereo will display UPDATE on the screen and show progress. The MS-NRX200 remote will power down and restart at the completion of the update process.
Note: During the update process do not power down the remotes.

We recommend once the update has completed on the head unit and remote that you confirm the software version aligns with the version number of the update.
Go to Settings > About to view the version number. Repeat on the NRX200-i remote


  • 700 Series Brochure (1.99 MB PDF) Download
  • Fusion NMEA2000 Drop Cables Drawing (584.47 KB PDF) Download

Mounting Resources

  • 700 Series Mounting Template (2.2 MB PDF) Download

Owners Manuals

  • 700 Series User Manual English (12.81 MB PDF) Download
  • 700 Series User Manual French (7.27 MB PDF) Download
  • 700 Series User Manual Italian (7.26 MB PDF) Download
  • 700 Series User Manual German (7.28 MB PDF) Download

Installation Instructions

  • Software Update Instructions (1.13 MB PDF) Download

Product Specifications

Auxiliary in Yes
Display 2.7” Colour TFT LCD
Line Out 4 x stereo, 4 x subwoofer
Media AM / FM Tuner, VHF Receiver, DVD / CD Player, Sirius XM Radio Ready (USA only)
Power Class-D 70 Watts x 4 (max)

Apple Compatibility

Marine DVD Stereo

The NMEA Technology award winning 700 Series is the most advanced marine entertainment system in the world. Representing the perfect mix of innovation, functionality and simplicity. Purpose built for the marine environment, designed and engineered to ‘True-Marine™’ standard in New Zealand for an unbeatable marine entertainment experience.

Sources - AM / FM / VHF / USB / AUX / DVD / CD / iPod / iPhone / MTP / SiriusXM-Ready (USA only) Requires additional Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner


  • Innovative Multi-Zone™ 4 Zone Control - Adjust the volume and subwoofer level in four separate zones on-board your vessel. Zones are nameable for added convenience. For localised zone control, install FUSION's MS-NRX200i Wired Remote Control. Note Zone 3 and 4 require additional amplification, all subwoofer lineouts require amplification.
  • DVD/CD Audio and Video Playback - Enjoy your favourite music CD's and relive your classic family home DVD movies through the marine grade, shock protected DVD mechanism of your MS-AV700. An infrared remote is included, or utilise the FUSION-Link™ remote control app for Apple or Android to control the movie experience on the water.
  • iPod/iPhone/USB Audio Support - Featuring smart controls and intuitive menu navigation, the MS-AV700 offers a replication of the apple interface like no other marine stereo. For water resistant protection of your iPod, iPhone or USB flash drive connect the MS-UNIDOCK (sold separately) for protection, charge and playback on the waves.
  • MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Audio Support - Connect your supported Android or Windows smart phone via USB for quick access to your entire music library, for unbeatable music playback while at sea. Update your software to access this functionality. For water resistant protection of your MTP supported device, add the FUSION UNI-Dock™, which will protect, charge and play all compatible devices (sold separately)
  • Bluetooth Audio Support - Add the MS-BT200 or MS-BT100 to your FUSION 700 Series marine entertainment system to enjoy wireless streaming of your favourite audio tracks
  • FUSION-Link™ - Certified marine Multi-Function Displays (MFD’s) become the entertainment control centre for the entire vessel once connected to the MS-AV700 Marine Entertainment System via a NMEA 2000 or Ethernet connection.
  • NMEA 2000 Certified - Connect the MS-AV700 to an existing NMEA 2000 network and communicate with FUSION-Link™ Certified MFD’s and FUSION's NMEA 2000 Certified wired remote controls (additional cabling is required)
  • Ethernet Ready - Supports FUSION-Link™ Certified MFD's, iPad, iPhone and Android wireless remote control apps via your Ethernet network. Note an All-In-One DHCP Wireless Ethernet router is required for app connectivity. FUSION-Link wireless remote control app for iPad, iPhone and Android is available for FREE for a limited time from iTunes or Google play.
  • Simplicity in operation - Navigation and control of the entertainment experience is simple with FUSION's operating system. Most controls are executed via the large rotary encoder, with FUSION Alpha Search Technology (F.A.S.T™) allowing for quick navigation through thousands of songs in seconds. Album art is displayed in colour on the LCD display and all FUSION-Link™ applications (MFD and all mobile apps).

Encased in a fully sealed electrically isolated aluminium chassis, the 700 Series has undergone and passed vigorous marine environmental testing and is rated IPx5 water resistant, supported by a 3 Year True-Marine™ Warranty