Signature Series Monoblock Marine Amplifier


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Product Specifications

Amplifier Class Class-D
Subwoofer Frequency Response 10Hz - 320Hz
Peak Power 2250 Watts
Rated Power (4 Ohms) 500 Watts RMS x 1 @ 14.4V - 4 Ohms 1% THD
Rated Power (2 Ohms) 850 Watts RMS x 1 @ 14.4V - 2 Ohms 1% THD
Rated Power (4 Ohms Bridged) 1100 Watts RMS x 1 @ 14.4V - 1 Ohm 1% THD

Mounting Dimensions

Height 50mm [2”]
Length 300mm [11-13/16”]
Depth 210mm [8-1/4”]

Signature Series Monoblock Marine Amplifier

The FUSION Signature Series amplifiers are purpose-built for the outdoor environment. Boasting some of the most impressive environmental protection available, they deliver a Signature performance on the road like never before.

The Outdoor-Ready MS-DA12250 will resist corrosion, and the incredible 2250 Watt peak power is configurable for 1 Ohm impedance, delivering enough power to bring your Signature Series subwoofer components to life.

The MS-DA12250 has a highly efficient 2250 Watt monoblock amplifier design to ensure low current draw from the battery. This delivers increased power to the connected subwoofer, taking your audio entertainment experience to new levels. The MS-DA12250 incorporates heat-tempered and conformal coated PCBs for maximum product life, plus the amplifier chassis is a heat sink to reduce component core temperature and increase efficiency.

Undeniably a stand out piece, the stunning stainless steel mirror install panel offers practical confinement of all cable connections and tuning controls, with great looks to complement any campervan or RV. Connections include single channel output and RCA line-level inputs to allow for easy connection to new or existing systems.

This product carries a 3 year limited consumer warranty.


Class-D amplifier - for a high output with low battery drain

2250 Watt peak power – brings your music to life

Conformal coated PCB - extends product life and performance

Outdoor-Ready design - perfect for the outdoor environment with a 3 year warranty

The Outdoor-Ready Standard

As an Outdoor-Ready product, the Signature Series amplifiers are designed and engineered for the harshness of the outdoors. Once a product has been subject to rigorous environmental testing and passed our stringent Outdoor-Ready approval process, it is awarded the accreditation and recognized with an industry-leading 3 year consumer warranty.

Class-D Amplifier Technology

Our most efficient, stunning and powerful amplifier series features Class-D Technology. A high efficiency 2250 Watt Monoblock amplifier design which ensures low battery drain with a high output. This delivers increased power to the connected speakers and/or subwoofers, extending your audio entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Are you ready to experience the power of music?


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