4" 120 Watt 2-Way Speakers


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Owners Manuals

  • MS-FR4021 User Manual English (4.99 MB PDF) Download
  • MS-FR4021 User Manual German (2.87 MB PDF) Download

Mounting Resources

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Warranty & Compliance

  • Product/Safety Info & Warranty (172.19 KB PDF) Download

Product Specifications

Peak Power (Watts) 120
Frequency Response 90Hz-22kHz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Efficiency (1W/1M) 87dB

Tweeter Specifications

Tweeter Type Titanium Dome

Mounting Dimensions

Mounting Depth 54mm (2-1/8”)
Mounting Dimension (Clearance) 98.5mm (3-7/8”)

4" 120 Watt 2-Way Speakers

FUSION's Full Range Speakers are designed and engineered specifically for the harsh outdoors. These speakers include design innovations and materials that not only produce great sound, but also ensure a sustained high performance level during prolonged exposure to the elements. These 4” 2-way speakers have an impressive 120 Watts peak power. 

The Full Range speakers incorporate the latest German 'CURV' Cone Technology and a titanium tweeter dome for clear, powerful sound in the harsh marine environment. 'CURV' Cone Technology incorporates a woven fiber composite which is heat pressed to form a lighter and stronger cone, to create greater sound definition, higher output and greater resistance to the environment. The FR speakers are also engineered to minimize magnetic interference to navigational equipment.


Outdoor-Ready™ – Extensively tested to perform in the harsh outdoors.

IP65 water resistant design - Rated IP65 water resistant and complies with international standards for UV stability and salt/fog resistance. Features a fully sealed cross-over, magnet and tweeter housing with water resistant cone and surround.

Efficient design – Designed to operate efficiently, saving power through reducing battery drain.

CURV Cone Technology

CURV Cone Technology is an innovative engineering process that has created a superior-performance composite cone that delivers premium audio reproduction. CURV is a tough and abrasion-resistant material that is 30% lighter than mica-filled polypropylene at equal stiffness, matched with superior durability and high resistance to moisture, UV and temperatures. CURV is the only option for the FUSION Full Range speakers.

The Outdoor-Ready Standard

As an Outdoor-Ready product, the Full Range speaker series is designed and engineered for the harshness of the outdoors. Once a product has been subject to rigorous environmental testing and passed our stringent Outdoor-Ready approval process, it is awarded the accreditation and recognized with an industry-leading 3 year consumer warranty.

IP65 Water Resistance Rating

Every Full Range speaker undergoes extensive environmental testing for ingress protection, ensuring they are prepared for the outdoor environment. The Full Range series has achieved an industry standard rating of IP65 - this indicates the product's protection against dust and water ingress. You can be confident that your Full Range speakers are designed to withstand the harsh outdoor environment season after season.

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