Marine Entertainment System with Internal UNI-Dock


Update Build 265

Released on 04 Feb 2016

Release Notes: Build 265

Every update includes improvements for functionality, reliability and general bug fixing. As other new features become available, we'll highlight those in the release notes.

Build 265 includes updates for the following products:

MS-NRX200i Remote Control
MS-DAB100A DAB Module

Version: 2.00
Build: 750 Series - 265
DAB Module – 4.05
NRX200i – 1.02.39

Feature Improvements:
Support added for Fusion MS-DAB100A DAB Module
About screen expanded to include DAB software information

Bug Fixes:
General bug fixes and improvements.

The Accessory software updates (MS-NRX200i/MS-DAB100A) are imbedded in the stereo update, once the update has been installed in the stereo the connected accessory can be updated from the update screen in the settings menu. Please follow the installation instruction with the update download on the product page. Once installed the software build and version can be confirmed in the about screen of the stereo and MS-NRX200i.


Installation Instructions
Periodically FUSION may issue software upgrades for your product, these upgrades can be downloaded directly from the FUSION website.

Note: Upgrading your unit will require the use of a USB flash drive with at least 15Mb of free space.

Download the update
Download the update zip file to your desktop or your designated download folder.

Unzipping the update file
The update file is provided in a WinZip (.zip) format. An unzip utility such as WinZip is required to unzip the file. Unzip the file using the WinZip command ‘Unzip/Extract Here’ or equivalent in your unzip utility. A folder called update is created, containing the update files. Either extract directly to your USB flash drive or move the update folder to your USB flash drive manually .Note: You should only have a folder named "update" in the root directory of your USB device, if you can see multiple files the update will not execute.

Installing the upgrade
After the file has been unzipped and copied, insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector of your marine stereo.
Finally press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Settings’ then select ‘Update’. Select ‘Head Unit’. The words ‘Updating and then success...’ will appear on the screen and after a short duration the unit will restart.

Warning: When upgrading your unit, all AM and FM station presents are erased. Tuner regions are reset to USA. All zone settings, tone, subwoofer filter settings, source settings and device name are returned to default values.
If you have one or more MS-NRX200i remote controls or a MS-DAB100A DAB Module connected to your head unit they must also be updated. The update is performed from the Marine Stereo. Ensure all of the remotes are powered on and connected to the stereo. On the Marine Stereo press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Settings’ then select ‘Update’. Select ‘MS-NRX200’ or DAB Module. The stereo will display UPDATE on the screen and show progress.
The MS-NRX200 remote will power down and restart at the completion of the update process.

Note: During the update process do not power down the remotes.
We recommend once the update has completed on the head unit and remote that you confirm the software version aligns with the version number of the update. Go to Settings > About to view the version and Build number. Repeat on the NRX200i remote

Owners Manuals

  • Owners Manual English (2.23 MB PDF) Download
  • Owners Manual French (2.24 MB PDF) Download
  • Owners Manual Italian (2.24 MB PDF) Download
  • Owners Manual German (2.25 MB PDF) Download
  • Owners Manual Spanish (2.24 MB PDF) Download
  • Owners Manual Portuguese (2.24 MB PDF) Download
  • Owners Manual Dutch (2.23 MB PDF) Download

Installation Instructions

  • Installation Guide English (1.21 MB PDF) Download
  • Installation Guide French (1.21 MB PDF) Download
  • Installation Guide Italian (1.21 MB PDF) Download
  • Installation Guide German (1.22 MB PDF) Download
  • Installation Guide Spanish (1.2 MB PDF) Download
  • Installation Guide Portuguese (1.21 MB PDF) Download
  • Installation Guide Dutch (1.21 MB PDF) Download
  • Installation Guide Chinese (1.39 MB PDF) Download

Mounting Resources

  • Mounting Template (112.22 KB PDF) Download

Warranty & Compliance

  • Safety & Product Info/Warranty (218.31 KB PDF) Download
  • Declaration of Conformity (105.03 KB PDF) Download


  • Current Consumption info (291.89 KB PDF) Download

Product Specifications

Tuner AM/FM with RDS
Amplifier Class-D 4 x 70W (@ 2 Ω)
Audio Zones 3 Zones (Zone 1 & 2 powered by internal amplifier)
Nameable Zones Yes
Line Out 3 (1 x L + R per zone, all require amplification)
Sub Out 3 (1 per zone)
Auxiliary 2 stereo inputs
iPod/iPhone Made for iPod and iPhone
Display 128 x 64 Monochrome Optically Bonded LCD
NMEA 2000 NMEA 2000 Certified LEN: 1
Fusion-Link (Wired and Wireless) via NMEA 2000 (visit for compatible Multi-Function Displays (MFDs)) or Bluetooth remote control (via compatible Apple or Android devices)
Bluetooth A2DP Audio Streaming with AVRCP Support and Fusion-Link remote control
USB 2 x USB connectors (1 x External 1 x Internal)
MTP Support for compatible Windows & Android media devices via USB
Audio Format MP3, M4A, FLAC
SiriusXM-Ready (USA Only.) Requires optional SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner
UNI-Dock Water resistant charging, docking & playback of supported iPod/iPhone/MTP/USB device. (Media device subject to size constraints)
Water Resistance 360° IPx5 fully sealed chassis
Chassis Glass Filled Composite with Aluminum Heat Sink
DAB+ Ready MS-DAB100A is required for DAB support, only available where DAB and DAB+ is broadcast

Apple Compatibility

MTP Compatibility

Marine Entertainment System with Internal UNI-Dock

Sources: AM / FM / Bluetooth / USB x 2 / AUX x 2 / iPod / iPhone / MTP / Pandora (USA Only) / SiriusXM-Ready (USA Only – requires optional SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner)

With the constant evolution of entertainment technologies, Fusion continues to dominate the forefront of the sector, pioneering integrated systems for your favorite media devices.

Introducing the Fusion MS-UD650 Entertainment System with an internal, water resistant UNI-Dock for safe charging and playback of compatible* Apple iOS and MTP Android/Windows media devices. Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming capabilities and the Fusion-Link Bluetooth Remote Control app make the 650 Series an all-in-one and purpose-built solution for entertaining on the open road. 


Internal UNI-Dock – Securely protect and charge and compatible* Apple iOS or MTP Android/Windows device, while enjoying your favourite soundtrack. 

Fusion-Link Control (Wireless) – Download the FREE Apple or Android Fusion-Link remote control app from the Apple® App Store or Google Play™ to control the on-board entertainment experience via Bluetooth. 

The Fusion-Link Wireless Remote Control for iPad or iPhone is available for FREE download from Apple App Store, Click HERE

The Fusion-Link Wireless Remote Control for Android is available for FREE download from Google Play, click HERE

A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth® Streaming – Stream your family’s favorite soundtrack from any compatible device, with track, album and artist info displayed, with navigation available from the stereo or connected device.

Apple® iOS® and MTP Android™/Windows® Media Playback – Unparalleled support of the world’s most popular media devices, and the smartest interface for browsing your music library.

Dual-USB – Internal and rear accessible USB connectors are provided, to support all your media device requirements.

DAB+ Ready - Connect the optional FUSION DAB+ module (sold separately) to experience high quality digital radio and an expanding assortment of stations (Only accessible where DAB is supported). 

Multi-Zone™ Technology – Three independent audio zones are available, each with advanced localized menu controls, including zone naming. Note: Line Out Zones require additional amplification.

Optically Bonded LCD – A widescreen LCD display, optically bonded to improve durability and optimized for daylight viewing.

Class-D Amplifier – Provides higher RMS output than a standard stereo, for louder and clearer audio while drawing less current.

Side-Fin Cooling – Amplifier components are optimally configured for the side-fin aluminium heat sink, producing greater thermal efficiency.

Glass Filled Composite Chassis – Structurally rigid and incredibly lightweight, this improves environmental protection and electrically isolates the chassis for complete reliability.

True-Marine Designed and Engineered – Extensively tested to perform in the harsh marine environment.

*When referring to UNI-Dock support, please ensure your chosen device fits within the constraints listed for docking. Device measurements must be equal to or less than the following
140mm L x 73mm W x 12mm D (5-1/2” L x 2-7/8” W x 1/2” D)

Note: iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus must either be connected to the rear of the unit with your Apple sync cable or alternatively Bluetooth stream your music for enjoyment.

Note: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus do not fit inside MS-UD650.

Take Control With Multi-Zone™ Technology

The 650 Series offers advanced independent control of your audio entertainment, with a range of functions including control of the balance, subwoofer and volume level in up to three separate audio zones.

Take Control With Multi-Zone™ Technology

UNI-Dock and Dual USB

The MS-UD650 features an internal UNI-Dock for the charging, secure protection and playback of your favorite media devices. Supporting all of your media device requirements, including compatible Apple® iOS and MTP Android™ / Windows® devices (subject to device size constraints), it also features internal and rear accessible USB connectors for the playback of your USB media devices.

The Outdoor Ready Standard

As an Outdoor Ready product, the 650 Series is designed and engineered for the harshness of the outdoors. Once a product has been subject to rigorous environmental testing and passed our stringent Outdoor Ready approval process, it is awarded the accreditation and recognized with an industry-leading 3 year consumer warranty.

FUSION-Link Wireless Control

Download the FREE Apple or Android FUSION-Link remote control app from the Apple® App Store or Google Play™ to control the on-board entertainment experience with the freedom of wireless, available over Bluetooth.

Experience the 650 Series Today


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