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+ How do I set up and use Apple AirPlay with my Apollo Series stereo?

+ What is the current consumption of my FUSION stereo?

Current consumption of Fusion marine stereos: 

Fusion stereos have a standard voltage rating of 10.8V to 16V DC unless otherwise stated. 

All figures are for individual head units only, not a system. Numbers can be added together to calculate the system current consumption.

Amplifiers will contribute significantly higher current consumptions. 

All marine stereos with 4 amplified speaker outputs have been tested with 4 speakers attached and no USB devices connected. 

All measurements are average, so measurements on other production stereos may vary. Values are subject to change without notification.

+ I am a first time FUSION stereo user, how do I work the basics?

If you're new to FUSION or an infrequent user, this video will give you all the guidance you need to operate and get the most from your FUSION Marine Stereo.


+ How do I update the software on my FUSION Marine Stereo or Wired Remote?

The following video demonstrates the simple process of updating the software on either the FUSION 700 or 205 series stereos and any MS-NRX200/i wired remote controls connected to the stereo.




+ What is the correct antenna to use for FM/AM reception with my Fusion stereo?

There are two main types of Antenna supplied for FM/AM reception in a marine environment.

The first is a "Ground Dependent" Antenna. This is designed to be used where the antenna base is in contact with a metal surface such as steel or aluminium that has a surface area of  0.5m² or greater. This is a ground plane and the antenna depends on it for reception signal strength, so if it is fitted on a vessel without this, you will get very poor reception.

The second is a "Ground Independent" antenna. This is suitable for non-metal vessels and where a ground plane is not required.

Ensuring you have the correct type of antenna for your vessel is something that is sometimes missed as it is not well advertised. 

VHF splitters are another option, however we do not recommend them for metal vessels, as you will be relying on the short wire run from the stereo to the splitter which is generally inside the vessel, making reception limited.


+ My iPhone 4 (Verizon) has no audio output when connected to the MS-RA200.

The Verizon network release of the iPhone 4 CDMA version requires a software update to the MS-RA200 to support audio output.  The phone is available in the USA only. To obtain the software update which is installed in the MS-RA200 by loading a file onto a flash drive and then updating very simply, contact the Fusion regional office via the contact form. The software version is 2330, and you can check what current software version you have by looking in the 'settings' menu and selecting the 'about' function.

+ My Fusion marine stereo will not turn on.

There are 2 power wires and 1 ground wire that need to be connected for your Fusion marine stereo to operate correctly. 

Both the red and yellow wires need to be connected to 12V and the black wire to ground/battery negative.

The yellow power wire is the high current supply wire. This needs to be connected to your battery using a cable suitable for carrying at least 15 Amps.

The red power wire is a switched input. When 12V is connected to this wire the marine stereo can operate. When disconnected, the stereo will shut down and remain off.

The red wire may also be connected together with the yellow wire if you are supplying power through a switch panel capable of 15A, or if a battery isolator is used to disconnect the battery when not in use.

The yellow +12v wire in some stereos provides power to the memory of the unit for presets etc. This only applies to Fusion's MS-CD80 as Fusion's 600 and 200 Series stereos are designed to save all settings when power is removed.

iPod Support

+ My Apple iPhone/iTouch with the new IOS5 will not connect to the MS-RA200

With the new release of the IOS5 for iPhone/iTouch some customers will require an update to the software of their MS-RA200 for their Apple product to connect to the MS-RA200. Simply contact us at this link and we will email you the update which can be installed simply with a USB key.


+ Is there an iPod sleeve available for the Apple 6th Gen Nano to suit the Fusion iPod inside products?

Yes, an adapter for an existing sleeve combination (Top A and Bottom B) has just been released and can be ordered via the contact us page. Please enter all details including your delivery address. State you require the Adapter 2 for the 6th Gen Nano and it will be sent to you free of charge.

Fusion Link App

+ How do I use over-the-air software updates with my Apollo Series stereo?

+ How do I set up a Wi-Fi network on my Apollo Series stereo?

+ The Fusion-Link app crashes when I select the volume control icon on the home screen. How can I fix this?

To resolve this issue, delete the Fusion-Link app from your device and then reinstall it. 

+ Why can't I browse my phone's music library from the Fusion-Link app when I am streaming via Bluetooth on my Android device?

Sorry, only Apple devices have the capability to navigate media libraries over Bluetooth.

+ Why does the Fusion-Link app report "error" when I select "update" from the settings menu?

Over-the-air software updates are only available for the Apollo Series. All other Fusion stereos require a USB stick loaded with an update folder connected to the stereo to perform an update. "Error" will display if there is no USB device connected, the USB device is not formatted correctly, or if the file is not in a folder named "update". 

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