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Ground breaking technologies by FUSION Marine

Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Ethernet is an address-based data packet network capable of high speeds (10/100/1,000Mbs) originally developed for the computer industry that is seeing adoption in the marine industry. Ethernet networks are designed as a star topology. Systems of three or more nodes require a hub, router or switch to facilitate all point to point connections.

FUSION-Link™ Ethernet supported Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) become the entertainment control center for the entire vessel once connected to the FUSION 700 Series Marine Entertainment Systems.

FUSION-Link™ Partner: Furuno

Furuno supports FUSION-Link™ via the Ethernet protocol.

FURUNO has been responding to the needs of the maritime industry for over 60 years. Like FUSION, Furuno seeks to achieve the highest level of quality and efficiency through technological expertise to provide customers with products that create an unconquerable marine experience.

Advanced FUSION-Link™ entertainment control* is available on Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch series, via Furuno’s Ethernet network and the FUSION 700 Series. 

*Control excludes support for Sirius Satellite radio

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FUSION-Link™ Partner: Raymarine

Raymarine supports FUSION-Link™ via the Ethernet protocol

Raymarine is proud to specialize in marine electronics; this focus ensures that they offer equipment that combines industry-leading technology with intuitive, robust design suited to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Designed to provide full on-screen control* of FUSION's 700 Series stereos over an Ethernet network, FUSION-Link™-enabled Raymarine displays allow owners to experience and access on-board entertainment like never before.

*Control excludes support for Sirius Satellite radio

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Introducing advanced wireless control of the new 700 Series Marine Entertainment System.

Wireless control is only a swipe of a finger away anywhere on your vessel by harnessing the power of Ethernet. Simply connect your FUSION 700 Series marine entertainment system to a wireless DHCP Ethernet router and the entertainment system will auto-configure itself to the network.

Download the FREE FUSION-Link™ Wireless Remote Control ‘App’ for iPhone, iPad and Android to navigate all music sources, control every independent audio zone, and even control multiple stereo units connected to the same Ethernet router.

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