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Garmin is a leading worldwide provider of navigation products. They are committed to making superior products for the marine market that are an essential part of their customers’ lives. Their mantra is 'Built to Last' and this is reflected in their products, company and culture.

FUSION-Link™ compatible Garmin Multi-Function Displays introduce the world's first full software upgrade system that includes new updates to the FUSION stereo installed on the Garmin network.

Providing the ability to control FUSION 205 Series and all FUSION 700 Series Marine Entertainment System capabilities and functions directly from a GPS map Multi-Function Display (MFD), FUSION-Link™ makes it easy for Garmin owners to enjoy their onboard audio and video entertainment.

FUSION-Link™ Features

Multi-Zone Control

Innovative volume separation is possible with FUSION’s exclusive Multi-Zone™ control available at the helm, right from your MFD, or for absolute convenience install a FUSION Wired Remote Control in each listening zone.

FUSION’s Multi-Zone™ technology provides users the ability to enjoy up to four independent audio zones allowing music to be played at different levels in different zones specific to your vessel, giving you total control of the entertainment experience and the ability to cater to any occasion. 

FUSION-Link™ Features

Media Bar

For ultimate control and convenience FUSION’s media bar is available as an option to ensure you stay informed and in control of your MFD and your entertainment experience at the same time.

iPod Interface

An iPod interface system is a testament to FUSION’s commitment to making your entertainment experience simple and convenient. Garmin’s compatible MFDs recreate your iPod/iPhone interface enabling you to access your favorite playlist, album, artist or songs with ease, recreating the musical navigation experience you are already well accustomed to.

SiriusXM Control from Multi Function Displays

SiriusXm (USA only) is available on selected FUSION products. A SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner (sold separately) and subscription are required.  A number of FUSION-Link™ partners have released remote control apps for FUSION products on their Multi Function Displays (MFD). However some partners have not implemented full FUSION-Link™ control for SiriusXM satellite radio. In these cases full SiriusXM control is only available directly from the Fusion stereo. Please contact the MFD manufacturer for details regarding SiriusXM remote control.