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Simrad was founded over 50 years ago and has grown to be the world's most recognized brand in professional fish finding equipment. Simrad's experience in design and manufacturing of advanced fishery sonars, echo sounders and net instruments has made them the smart choice for professional fisherman. Simrad takes pride in offering the best tools for efficient, selective and sustainable fishery. 

FUSION-Link™ compatible Simrad Multi-Function Displays include the NSS, NSS Evo 2 and NSO Evo 2.

Providing the ability to control the MS-RA205 and 700 Series Marine Entertainment System audio functionality* directly from a Simrad Multi-Function Display (MFD), FUSION-Link™ makes it easy for Simrad owners to enjoy their onboard audio entertainment.

*Functionality excludes Sirius Satellite Radio.

Multi-Zone Control

Innovative volume separation is possible with FUSION’s exclusive Multi-Zone™ control available at the helm, right from your MFD, or for absolute convenience install a FUSION Wired Remote Control in each listening zone.

FUSION’s Multi-Zone™ technology provides users the ability to enjoy up-to four independent audio zones allowing music to be played at different levels in different zones specific to your vessel. Delivering you total control of the entertainment experience and the ability to cater to any occasion. 

Note: MS-RA205 features two audio zones.

Media Bar

For ultimate control and convenience FUSION’s audio control is integrated into a quick-touch media bar panel to allow for simultaneous navigation and audio control to ensure you stay informed and in control of your MFD and your entertainment experience at the same time.

The FUSION-link™ media bar is located on the bottom of the screen, displaying track information and offering quick access to volume control.