A fellow boater, Shannon Richards was faced with the problem of making his ultimate boating experience come true. Here is Shannon's story of how he obtained his dream with the help of FUSION.

Like many, our boat is used for both offshore fishing and family activities. I love music and this is an integral part of my experience while out on the water (my wife likes that I can play all my bad music while out at sea!). I have gone through several marine stereos (my boat is an 18ft CC) and can be quite wet at times. On top of this, we live on a small island (Grand Cayman) and our Sundays are typically spent on a sand bar or beach with friends. Our friends refer to our boat as the party boat due to the investment in probably too many speakers and we do our best not to flatten the batteries as we provide the tunes for one and all!

Often the wife, kids, friends a dog and even passers-by will tell me the music is either too loud, not loud enough or my choice of song is just lousy! Having to get off my chair, walk out to the boat and clamber over the transom to make a change has always been in pain, but even worse - I’d be just out of the boat and almost back in the safety of my beach chair when the good wife would say – “can you turn it up just a smidge more?” AGGGGGHHHH!!!

How did you solve this issue?

I discovered the Fusion 700i Marine Stereo. I really needed a waterproof stereo but when I read there was an APP that when interfaced with an Ethernet Wireless Router would allow you to control “EVERYTHING” from a mobile device or in my case that deck chair. I was sold!

I had my doubts, but these were unfounded and the installation and integration was very simple, especially when I had a spare Wireless Router at home. The installation went like this:

1. Downloaded the free Fusion Link App from their website to both my IPod and IPad.

2. Configured the Router - just like you would for the house. I named the Router boat stereo for ease of searching wireless devices and left all security settings turned off (for open access). I did this as I figured if we left our iPad, iPhone, Android etc.at home, what fun to download the free APP onto a friend’s phone at the beach and let them control the music!

3. If you look at the specifications on most Routers, you will find these are rated at 12VDC and they will have a Transformer on the plug that converts your home voltage (110/220VAC) to 12VDC. I simply removed the plug (at the plug) and used the two power wires to connect to the 12VDC in my boat.

4. Connected the Router to the Ethernet Terminal (RJ45) on the rear of the stereo (also with a spare cable in the house).

5. Powered up the stereo and the Router and opened the APP. And that was it!

What a game changer. I tested the distance of the Router and found I was controlling the Stereo from about 250 feet. I was concerned that the boat might be too far away from my chair on the beach but I shouldn’t have! It has been a great enhancement to our experience on the sand bar / beach and no one believes me when I show them this cool piece of technology.

Well you heard it from a fellow boater, FUSION really does make dreams come true. If FUSION has helped you achieve your dream let us know.