Fusion-Link Wireless Remote App


There are no software updates available for this product.


The Fusion-Link app crashes when I select the volume control icon on the home screen. How can I fix this?

To resolve this issue, delete the Fusion-Link app from your device and then reinstall it. 

Why can't I browse my phone's music library from the Fusion-Link app when I am streaming via Bluetooth on my Android device?

Sorry, only Apple devices have the capability to navigate media libraries over Bluetooth.

Why does the Fusion-Link app report "error" when I select "update" from the settings menu?

Over-the-air software updates are only available for the Apollo Series. All other Fusion stereos require a USB stick loaded with an update folder connected to the stereo to perform an update. "Error" will display if there is no USB device connected, the USB device is not formatted correctly, or if the file is not in a folder named "update". 

How do I use over-the-air software updates with my Apollo Series stereo?

How do I set up a Wi-Fi network on my Apollo Series stereo?

Product Specifications

Size 28.1 MB (Apple) or 15 MB (Android)
App Store Category Music
Apple Compatibility Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Android Compatibility Requires Android 4.4 and up
Languages English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Price Free

Fusion-Link Wireless Remote App

Introducing Fusion Entertainment’s new and improved Fusion-Link app, now with PartyBus control, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) setup and Over-the-air software update capability for Fusion’s revolutionary Apollo Series!

The new Fusion-Link app introduces advanced wireless remote control of any supported marine entertainment system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with a compatible Apple or Android device. The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store® and Google Play™.

Whether you’re on the move or at the helm, quick access to the onboard entertainment is only an ‘app’ away. Navigate all music sources with independent volume zone control and the ability to control entertainment systems connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Navigate albums, artists and playlists with the same ease of use as navigating the Fusion marine interface, with album art displayed on screen (Wi-Fi only).

The app now supports the new Apollo Series with features including synchronized music throughout your entire vessel via PartyBus, Over-the-air software updates via the app, and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) setup. With Fusion DSP, using environmental information and customized Fusion speaker profiles, you can now achieve customized, optimized audio for any area of your boat. This results in an entertainment system that is perfectly tuned for premium audio reproduction, and programmed to protect your system season after season. Setting up your DSP profiles is made simple with the intuitive Fusion-Link app.

Depending on the Fusion marine entertainment system purchased, you can either connect to the app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (consult stereo specifications for connection method). Both streaming and control is available from the connected device, giving you the freedom to control your entertainment from wherever you are on board. 

The FUSION-Link Wireless Remote Control for iPad or iPhone is available for FREE download from the Apple® App Store here.

The FUSION-Link Wireless Remote Control for Android is available for FREE download from Google Play™ here.

You must ensure your Fusion Entertainment System has the latest software installed to support the Fusion-Link app. Please visit the Fusion Entertainment website and select the appropriate product to download the latest software version, which can be accessed from the product pages here.

Important to Note:
1 – Fusion-Link control over Wi-Fi is available on the MS-RA770, MS-SRX400, MS-UD755, MS-AV755, MS-UD750, MS-AV750.
2 – Fusion-Link control over Bluetooth is available on the MS-RA770, MS-SRX400, MS-UD755, MS-AV755, MS-UD750, MS-AV750, MS-UD650, MS-AV650, MS-RA70/RA70N, MS-BB100, StereoActive and Panel-Stereo.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Setup

A technically superior listening experience made simple, Fusion DSP enables optimization of Fusion speakers in each audio zone on your vessel, giving you premium audio delivery to all Fusion speakers in any environment.

Setting up your DSP profiles is made simple with the new Fusion-Link app. With just a few clicks, you can set up the preconfigured DSP profile once and get back to enjoying what you love on the water, while listening to high quality audio customized for your ears and the environment.

PartyBus Control

PartyBus is Fusion’s audio distribution network of the future, giving you the freedom of musical choice across your entire vessel with the Apollo Series and the Fusion-Link app. Using the Fusion-Link app, you can now control your PartyBus setup and zones all from your compatible device from wherever you are on board.

Over-The-Air Software Updates

Over-the-air software updates for the Apollo Series are now available from your smartphone or compatible device via the Fusion-Link app. Fusion-Link has made it intelligently simple and easy to keep your Apollo stereos up to date - all directly from one device!

Simply download the update on to your device from a cellular network or home Wi-Fi, connect your device to your Apollo stereo via Wi-Fi, and send the update straight from the app. No cables, USBs or downloading to your desktop is required.

World-Class Control of Your Entertainment

Source Selection

View all audio source options available and change sources in the 'Source Selection' menu. Sources available include Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM radio, USB audio, AUX, optical audio and iPod. Simply tap on the source required to switch between options.

Settings Menu

Access your music and user settings in the 'Settings' menu. Here you can set your DSP and zone profiles to customize your audio entertainment experience. In your user settings, you can access technical support, switch the internal amplifier on and off, change the tuner region and device name, select stereos to connect to, access software updates and more.

Source Menu

Access your music information available and search your library in each audio source chosen through the 'Source' menu. This library includes playlists, artists, albums, genre and songs, depending on the source chosen.

Play, Pause & Skip Functionality

Take control of your audio entertainment by pressing the easy-to-access play, pause, back and skip buttons, giving you quick access to your favorite tunes.

Easy Volume Control

The easy-to-access volume control menu makes quick adjustments of the volume and sub level in each zone simple. Two presets are available for the volume levels across all zones, letting you get back to enjoying your music faster than ever before.

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