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+ What is the current consumption of my FUSION stereo?

Current consumption of Fusion marine stereos: 

Fusion stereos have a standard voltage rating of 10.8V to 16V DC unless otherwise stated. 

All figures are for individual head units only, not a system. Numbers can be added together to calculate the system current consumption.

Amplifiers will contribute significantly higher current consumptions. 

All marine stereos with 4 amplified speaker outputs have been tested with 4 speakers attached and no USB devices connected. 

All measurements are average, so measurements on other production stereos may vary. Values are subject to change without notification.

+ How do I assign my MS-WR600 wired remote to a specific zone ?

To assign your remote to a specific zone, press and hold the ‘mute’ button for 5-6 seconds until the menu appears, then select ‘assign zone’. Select the zone/s you wish to assign to the remote (Zone 1-2-3 or Zone 123 all) and confirm by pressing the rotary encoder. Press the 'Menu' button to exit, then turn the remote off and restart the unit.

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