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+ Why does my FUSION Stereo become unresponsive when streaming music over Bluetooth?

The FUSION Stereo downloads song information from your smartphone. Album and artist names are derived from the folder names on your smartphone. FUSION recommends that folder names contain no more than 900 characters, as exceeding this limit may cause the FUSION Stereo to become unresponsive.

The below video explains all you need to know about FUSION's Bluetooth modules.


+ Can I connect my smartphone to multiple stereos using Bluetooth?

It is possible to connect to several Bluetooth stereos simultaneously, however you will only be able to stream music (A2DP) to one stereo at a time. Control and display of song information (AVRCP) will display on multiple head units, even though music will come from a single device. You will be able to select the stereo you are connected to from your smartphone (using the box/triangle symbol on your iPhone).
This is useful if you have another device that you can control Bluetooth from, eg: a Bluetooth enabled watch. In this scenario, you can control the playback from your watch, whilst streaming music from a smartphone.

Other notes:
- Volume may be controlled from your Bluetooth smartphone. When switching between Bluetooth devices, you need to be careful with volume matching.
- When you change the audio source on the FUSION 700 Series or MS-RA205 stereos, the FUSION Bluetooth module remains powered on and connected to your smartphone (even though the music is paused). Music playback will automatically resume when you switch back to the Bluetooth source.
Note: On some smartphones it may not be obvious that you have remained connected to the FUSION stereo and may cause confusion if you are trying to connect to another head unit.

+ My Bluetooth audio is interrupted by short breaks.

Bluetooth performs best with line-of-sight operation. Ensure the music device is not covered or obstructed and is located near the Bluetooth module. To prevent interruption to audio streaming over Bluetooth it is recommended that the 'Discoverable' feature is turned off after pairing your device to the FUSION stereo.
While displaying the 'Bluetooth Setting's screen, your smartphone will be searching for Bluetooth devices. This process may cause interruption to Bluetooth audio streaming. It is recommended you exit the 'Bluetooth Settings' screen when not in use.

The below video will explain all you need to know about FUSION's Bluetooth modules.


+ Can I browse my music collection on my Bluetooth smartphone from my FUSION stereo?

Browsing music collections from FUSION stereos is not supported over Bluetooth. Initial song and playlist selection must be done on the media device. However the FUSION Stereo does provide basic playback control with the 'play', 'pause', 'next' and 'previous' keys. 'Forward' and 'rewind' functions are not supported.

The below video will explain everything you need to know about FUSION's Bluetooth modules.


+ Why does my Bluetooth not display all song information?

The availability of song information such as song title, artist name, track duration and album cover artwork is  dependent on the capability of your phone and music application. Album cover artwork and 'shuffle'/'repeat' status icons are not supported over Bluetooth.

To support the display of song information on the FUSION stereo your smartphone must have Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 or greater, so it is recommended that you keep your smartphone up to date. For Bluetooth support FUSION recommends Android V4.3 or above.

Note: Not all smartphones implement full Bluetooth support. For a list of the FUSION supported smartphones refer to following table:


+ Why does my FUSION stereo not see my MS-BT200 Bluetooth Module?

If you have installed the MS-BT200 Bluetooth module you will need to enable the source. This operation will be determined by the tuner region you have selected.

Tuner Region: USA
When the USA tuner region is selected, press the 'menu' button and select:
Settings > Sources > Accessory then select the source to enable Bluetooth.

Tuner Region: Australasia-Europe-Japan
The source will be available in these tuner regions once the MS-BT200 is installed and connected.

The below video will guide you through everything you need to know about FUSION's Bluetooth connectivity.


+ FUSION Bluetooth modules

The FUSION MS-BT100 and MS-BT200 external Bluetooth modules are designed to provide Bluetooth audio streaming from a compatible smartphone or media player directly to your FUSION marine stereo. The MS-BT100 will connect to the 'AUX' connector on your stereo. The MS-BT200 will connect to the 'Satellite Radio' connector on your stereo.
Note: The MS-BT200 cannot be operated simultaneously with a Satellite Radio receiver. For installations where the Satellite Radio socket is not available, the FUSION MS-BT100 audio only Bluetooth module is recommended.
The MS-BT200 supports control (Play/Pause/Next/Back) of the media device from the FUSION stereo. Song information such as the song title, artist name and duration is displayed, depending on the capability of your phone and music application.
FUSION Bluetooth modules do not provide phone call control. Hands free operation of the phone is not supported from the FUSION stereo.

The below video will guide you through everything you need to know about FUSION's Bluetooth connectivity.

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