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Remote Controls


+ How do I name my Fusion stereo from the NRX-200i?

Go to the settings menu and select 'set device name'. Enter the name and press 'play' to save. This is very useful when you have multiple stereos on the network, as well as for Bluetooth pairing.

+ How do I select other Fusion stereos on the network from my NRX-200i?

Go to the settings menu and select “stereo”, then select the stereo from the list of Fusion stereos on the network.

+ What is the NMEA LEN rating for the NRX200i Remote?

The NRX200i Remote is rated LEN:3

+ How do I mute the audio in all zones from my NRX200i Remote?

Press the power on/off button (short press). Press again to unmute.

+ How do I update the software on my MS-NRX200i remote?

The remote software is embedded in the Fusion head unit software. In the settings menu select 'update' and then select 'NRX200'. The remote (or remotes) that are connected and powered on will be updated and the progress will be displayed on both the head unit and remote. Do not remove power during this operation as it can cause the remote to become non operational.

+ How do I switch between different NMEA devices on the network from my NRX200i Remote?

Whilst in NMEA mode simply press the source button to cycle supported available devices on the network.

+ How do I switch to NMEA display mode on my NRX200i remote when in stereo mode?

Simply press and hold the source button until the NMEA screen is displayed . To return to the Audio mode simply  press the menu button.

+ What is the best way to prevent corrosion of the chrome finish on my MS-WR600 remote?

As with all products with a chrome finish exposed to the harsh marine environment, a little care will help to preserve the finish and prevent corrosion. Fusion recommends that you clean any salt water and/or salt residue from the remote with a damp cloth soaked in fresh water. Always fit the protective cover when not in use.

+ How do I assign my MS-WR600 wired remote to a specific zone ?

To assign your remote to a specific zone, press and hold the ‘mute’ button for 5-6 seconds until the menu appears, then select ‘assign zone’. Select the zone/s you wish to assign to the remote (Zone 1-2-3 or Zone 123 all) and confirm by pressing the rotary encoder. Press the 'Menu' button to exit, then turn the remote off and restart the unit.

Fusion Link App

+ The Fusion-Link app crashes when I select the volume control icon on the home screen. How can I fix this?

To resolve this issue, delete the Fusion-Link app from your device and then reinstall it. 

+ Why can't I browse my phone's music library from the Fusion-Link app when I am streaming via Bluetooth on my Android device?

Sorry, only Apple devices have the capability to navigate media libraries over Bluetooth.

+ Why does the Fusion-Link app report "error" when I select "update" from the settings menu?

Over-the-air software updates are only available for the Apollo Series. All other Fusion stereos require a USB stick loaded with an update folder connected to the stereo to perform an update. "Error" will display if there is no USB device connected, the USB device is not formatted correctly, or if the file is not in a folder named "update". 

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