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+ How do I set up and use Apple AirPlay with my Apollo Series stereo?

+ What is the current consumption of my FUSION stereo?

Current consumption of Fusion marine stereos: 

Fusion stereos have a standard voltage rating of 10.8V to 16V DC unless otherwise stated. 

All figures are for individual head units only, not a system. Numbers can be added together to calculate the system current consumption.

Amplifiers will contribute significantly higher current consumptions. 

All marine stereos with 4 amplified speaker outputs have been tested with 4 speakers attached and no USB devices connected. 

All measurements are average, so measurements on other production stereos may vary. Values are subject to change without notification.

+ I am a first time FUSION stereo user, how do I work the basics?

If you're new to FUSION or an infrequent user, this video will give you all the guidance you need to operate and get the most from your FUSION Marine Stereo.


+ How do I update the software on my FUSION Marine Stereo or Wired Remote?

The following video demonstrates the simple process of updating the software on either the FUSION 700 or 205 series stereos and any MS-NRX200/i wired remote controls connected to the stereo.




+ What is the correct antenna to use for FM/AM reception with my Fusion stereo?

There are two main types of Antenna supplied for FM/AM reception in a marine environment.

The first is a "Ground Dependent" Antenna. This is designed to be used where the antenna base is in contact with a metal surface such as steel or aluminium that has a surface area of  0.5m² or greater. This is a ground plane and the antenna depends on it for reception signal strength, so if it is fitted on a vessel without this, you will get very poor reception.

The second is a "Ground Independent" antenna. This is suitable for non-metal vessels and where a ground plane is not required.

Ensuring you have the correct type of antenna for your vessel is something that is sometimes missed as it is not well advertised. 

VHF splitters are another option, however we do not recommend them for metal vessels, as you will be relying on the short wire run from the stereo to the splitter which is generally inside the vessel, making reception limited.

+ Is there an iPod sleeve available for the Apple 6th Gen Nano to suit the Fusion iPod inside products?

Yes, an adapter for an existing sleeve combination (Top A and Bottom B) has just been released and can be ordered via the contact us page. Please enter all details including your delivery address and state you require the Adapter 2 for the 6th Gen Nano.

+ What do I need to receive Sirius on my Fusion Sirius-ready stereo?

To enable the Sirius source of your Fusion Sirius-ready stereo, you must purchase a Sirius tuner module. Follow the link below for more information on what you require.

+ Will my iPod/iPhone connect to my Fusion product if the battery is flat?

No, it will take a number of minutes for the Apple product to gain a minimum level of charge before it can connect and become operational, so please connect and wait for the unit to initialize.

+ What is FUSION Multi-Zone™ Technology ?

FUSION’s Marine Multi-Zone™ technology allows you to create a truly customised audio solution, purpose built for your vessel.

At FUSION Entertainment we understand that not all boats are created equal, and more importantly, we understand not all ‘boaties’ are created equal. Revolutionary Multi-Zone Technology enables you to create a customized audio solution that is tailored to your vessel.

Creating multiple independent audio ‘zones’, Multi-Zone Technology provides an entertainment solution that everyone on board can enjoy - for example, you can party with loud music on the fly bridge while the girls relax below with quieter music in the saloon.
With Multi-Zone Technology you can control the audio settings for all zones through the marine stereo, or alternatively customize the audio system by installing a Fusion wired remote control in each zone of the vessel.

You may require an additional amplifier to utilize the line out zone, dependent on the number of zones you need. Fusion's MS-AM702 is designed specifically for a single zone and is a Class-D amplifier, making it perfect for marine vessels .

The below video explains everything you need to know about FUSION's Multi-Zone™ Technology.


+ How do I reset my MS-RA200?

Should you need to reset your MS-RA200 due to it becoming non responsive, simply press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

+ Will my iPod/iPhone charge while connected to my Fusion head unit?

Yes. All Fusion head units that support Apple iPod/iPhone products will charge your Apple product while connected, even if they are not playing once they have initialized connection. This provides a handy back up charging solution should you not have a charger on board.

+ Why do I get an error message when I dock my iPhone to my Fusion iPod inside product?

Some iPhone models may intermittently display the message “This accessory is not made to work with iPhone. Would you like to turn on Airplane Mode to reduce audio interference? You will not be able to make or receive calls” when initially docked with any Fusion iPhone compatible product. All Fusion iPhone supported products have been tested and certified by Apple, and have passed Apple’s stringent “Works With iPhone” self-certification test. All Fusion iPhone compatible products are fully-functional and compatible with Apple’s iPhone product line, despite displaying the message "Please choose “NO”, or simply wait for this message to time out".

+ Does the MS-RA200 support video playback from my iPod/iPhone?

No. iPod/iPhone video playback is only supported when the marine portable media dock MS-DKIPUSB is connected to the MS-RA200. There is a composite video out RCA connection on the rear of the dock which enables video playback to a compatible TV or monitor.

+ Can I connect my marine head units 12v constant and 12v switched wires both to the + 12v source?

Yes you can connect both wires together, and directly to the battery, if you do not have an ignition switch or another 12V switched source. Keep in mind that the head unit will draw standby current while connected, making an isolator switch a good idea to include.


+ When I press the tuner source button the SiriusXM screen is not displayed.

Ensure you have the tuner region set to ‘USA’. Press Menu > Settings > Tuner region > and select ‘USA’.
Ensure the source is enabled. Select Settings > Sources > Accessory then select the source to enable SiriusXM.
• Ensure the SiriusXM module is plugged into the stereo.
• Unplug the SiriusXM module and check that the pins in the SiriusXM plug are not damaged.

+ My iPhone 4 (Verizon) has no audio output when connected to the MS-RA200.

The Verizon network release of the iPhone 4 CDMA version requires a software update to the MS-RA200 to support audio output.  The phone is available in the USA only. To obtain the software update which is installed in the MS-RA200 by loading a file onto a flash drive and then updating very simply, contact the Fusion regional office via the contact form. The software version is 2330, and you can check what current software version you have by looking in the 'settings' menu and selecting the 'about' function.

+ My Fusion marine stereo will not turn on.

There are 2 power wires and 1 ground wire that need to be connected for your Fusion marine stereo to operate correctly. 

Both the red and yellow wires need to be connected to 12V and the black wire to ground/battery negative.

The yellow power wire is the high current supply wire. This needs to be connected to your battery using a cable suitable for carrying at least 15 Amps.

The red power wire is a switched input. When 12V is connected to this wire the marine stereo can operate. When disconnected, the stereo will shut down and remain off.

The red wire may also be connected together with the yellow wire if you are supplying power through a switch panel capable of 15A, or if a battery isolator is used to disconnect the battery when not in use.

The yellow +12v wire in some stereos provides power to the memory of the unit for presets etc. This only applies to Fusion's MS-CD80 as Fusion's 600 and 200 Series stereos are designed to save all settings when power is removed.

+ My USB flash drive will not play, or it locks up when connected to the MS-RA200.

The first thing to check is that the USB device is formatted to FAT 32 and contains MP3 files, as MP3 is the only file type supported. The first software version 10.1573 supports USB file name and path lengths to a maximum length of 99 characters. There is an update available for the  operating software of the MS-RA200 which incorporates an increase in the number of allowed characters. To check the software version you currently have, enter the “Settings Menu” then select “About” and the version should be 10.1573. Contact Fusion Tech Support for the update via this link: Tech Email


+ My MS-IP/CD/AV600 has no sound in one zone.

The first thing to check when a zone is not producing sound is that the volume setting for that zone is not at its minimum. If the volume setting is fine, check that the speaker wiring is not the cause by checking the connections at the head unit and the speakers. Ensure that the wires are not touching any metal part of the vessel and/or touching each other, as this could cause the zone to have no audio. If the zone is amplified, ensure all connections are correct and secure and that the amplifier level is not set to zero.

+ How can I locate sources of AM/FM interference on my vessel?

A simple way to try to locate on-board sources of interference is to use a portable AM/FM radio and point the aerial at different areas or electronic devices while in AM mode. You will hear the interference as you pass the source of interference. You can also eliminate interference sources by turning electronic devices off to test if there is a marked improvement, then work your way through your electronic devices to determine what, if any, are contributing to the issue.

+ I am having trouble getting good AM/FM reception.

There are a number of factors that can cause poor AM/FM reception in a marine environment. One of the most common causes comes from the antenna cable routing. When installing an AM/FM receiver on your vessel, spend extra time to investigate the optimal routing of cables, including any RCA cables. These should ideally be run away from any other cable and/or electric motors, or potential sources of interference. Power cables provide the worst source of interference, and can be in bundles of cables, so you may not realize they are there. AM reception requires a short antenna cable run for optimum reception, which is not that easily achieved on a lot of vessels, especially when using mast style aerials.

Check that you have selected the correct tuner region in the settings menu as the default setting may be incorrect for your location.

iPod Support

+ Why does my MS-IP700i Stereo not connect to my second iPod?

The MS-IP700i Stereo (with internal dock) does NOT support multiple iPods connected simultaneously. Correct operation is only guaranteed with a single device connected.

+ My Apple iPhone/iTouch with the new IOS5 will not connect to the MS-RA200

With the new release of the IOS5 for iPhone/iTouch some customers will require an update to the software of their MS-RA200 for their Apple product to connect to the MS-RA200. Simply contact us at this link and we will email you the update which can be installed simply with a USB key.


+ Is there an iPod sleeve available for the Apple 6th Gen Nano to suit the Fusion iPod inside products?

Yes, an adapter for an existing sleeve combination (Top A and Bottom B) has just been released and can be ordered via the contact us page. Please enter all details including your delivery address. State you require the Adapter 2 for the 6th Gen Nano and it will be sent to you free of charge.

+ What Fusion iPod/iPhone sleeve combination do i need for my Apple iPod/iPhone ?

The below chart is a current list of sleeve combinations available for Fusion iPod inside product.

IMPORTANT: Your FUSION iPod inside product may not support the latest Apple products.
A compatible sleeve does not imply support of an Apple product. For support refer to your FUSION iPod inside product.


Note: iPod nano (Gen 3) – the iPod must be placed inside the adapter sleeve, and then placed inside Dock sleeve combination A.

Note: The iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are compatible with the MS-DKIP and MS-DKIPUSB only.


                                                                              Top Sleeve      Bottom Sleeve


+ My iPhone 4 has no audio output when connected to the MS-RA200.

Due to the release of the iPhone 4 being after the release date of the MS-RA200, the first version of software does not support the iPhone 4. This can be resolved by updating the MS-RA200 software via a USB flash drive. To check the version installed, select 'Menu', then 'Settings', then 'About'. This will display the current version installed. If the version is 10.1573 you will need to update the software. It is a simple operation and the update is available from Fusion directly by contacting us via email at /marine/contact.

+ My head unit keeps turning itself off then back on when connected to my iPod.

This could be happening due to corrupt files and/or a corrupt version of your operating software on your iPod. If you connect to your computer you may get a corrupt message on the iPod that looks like this: "The iPod "John's iPod" could not be updated because the firmware file was corrupt".  For a step by step guide to solve this issue, click this link:

+ Why does my My Fusion head unit keep locking up when connected to my iPod/iPhone ?

If you are experiencing software lock ups or your unit freezes, reset the head unit by holding down the power button for 10 seconds (MS-RA200), or by pressing the reset button inside the face plate (MS-XX600). Once this has been done, reset your Apple iPhone by powering down and then restarting the phone, or reset your iPod (see the Apple website for model-specific information). Normal operation should resume, then ensure you have the latest version of  iTunes and the latest operating software in your iPod/iPhone. It is important to update software when Apple release new versions. If you are connected via a dock, ensure you are using the correct sleeves and that the connection to the head unit is secure, and finally check that your Apple product is supported by the Fusion head unit.

+ My iPod/iPhone will not connect to the head unit while in the dock, showing ‘No iPod Connected’.

If your head unit displays ‘No iPod Connected’ while in the iPod source, the first thing to check is that you are using the correct sleeve combination. If you  have the incorrect sleeve combination this could prevent the iPod connector from mating correctly, and could also damage the connector in the dock or damage your iPod/iPhone.

If you are uncertain which iPod model you have to ensure you have the correct sleeve combination, go to and obtain the correct model information of your iPod.

Once you know for certain that you have the correct sleeve combination, and if you are still having a connection issue, the next step is to ensure you have the latest version of operating software installed in your iPod/iPhone and the latest version of iTunes. You can check this by connecting your iPod/iPhone to iTunes and it will check and/or prompt you to download the latest version.

If the issue persists after you have confirmed that you have the latest versions, or have updated your iPod/iPhone, you should reset the iPod/iPhone (refer to the user manual for your Apple product) and also reset the head unit (refer to the Fusion user manual). If you continue to get the ‘No iPod Connected’ message, you should contact your Fusion dealer or contact Fusion via the Tech email.

Fusion-Link Support

+ My Fusion-Link wireless application displays "No Stereos Available"

The first thing to check is that you are connected to the correct wireless network for the stereo. Once you have confirmed this, close the app on the device and restart it (consult the manufacturer's website for instructions on restarting). If this fails, check that you have a valid IP address on the stereo and follow the instructions in the tech support item: "My Fusion-link wireless remote Application will not connect to my 700 series stereo."

+ My Fusion-Link wireless remote application will not connect to my 700 Series stereo.

The first thing to check is that the 700 Series is displaying a valid IP address on the 'about' screen. Select the 'settings' menu, then 'about' to confirm. If the display is "IPNone", the router is either not a compatible DHCP product or is not configured correctly. If the IP address starts with the prefix 169, it is not valid, as this is a default address when the router is not sending a DHCP generated IP address or is configured incorrectly. Please review the router's instruction manual or contact the manufacturer's website for technical help.

Fusion Link App

+ How do I use over-the-air software updates with my Apollo Series stereo?

+ How do I set up a Wi-Fi network on my Apollo Series stereo?

+ The Fusion-Link app crashes when I select the volume control icon on the home screen. How can I fix this?

To resolve this issue, delete the Fusion-Link app from your device and then reinstall it. 

+ Why can't I browse my phone's music library from the Fusion-Link app when I am streaming via Bluetooth on my Android device?

Sorry, only Apple devices have the capability to navigate media libraries over Bluetooth.

+ Why does the Fusion-Link app report "error" when I select "update" from the settings menu?

Over-the-air software updates are only available for the Apollo Series. All other Fusion stereos require a USB stick loaded with an update folder connected to the stereo to perform an update. "Error" will display if there is no USB device connected, the USB device is not formatted correctly, or if the file is not in a folder named "update". 

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