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Combining industry-leading Garmin, Fusion and EmpirBus technology, the Garmin Powered by Fusion solution provides you with a completely connected system, delivering you and your customers a superior on-road experience.

Easily control any on-board function of your vehicle all from the Garmin Infotainment Display using the power of EmpirBus digital switching. The user interface and system can be specifically custom designed to your RV and deliver your customers an intuitively premium experience.

The Garmin Infotainment System is loaded with RV-specific navigation, features and safety functions, so your customers can have the confidence to take on the adventure ahead while listening to their favorite soundtrack through the fully integrated Fusion entertainment system.

It is the ONE RV solution you’ve been waiting for.

One Solution, One Company - Welcome to the Garmin brand family.

Garmin - Superior Navigation

Spend less time planning your trip and more time enjoying it, with RV-specific navigation by Garmin providing the confidence to sit back and enjoy the open road. Customized RV routing, directories of campgrounds, parks, services, route warnings, elevation profiles and hands-free features deliver a superior navigation solution. A culmination of their 30 years of designing and engineering products, Garmin empowers you to make the most of the time you spend pursuing your passions.

EmpirBus - Operation & Control

Control all electronic and electrical systems from the Garmin Infotainment Display, replacing standard mechanical circuit breakers and switches with a state-of-the-art digital power distribution. Simple, easy to use, cost-effective and with seamless, reliable operation, EmpirBus digital switching makes a perfect solution to centralize all controls. Enjoy full control of your recreational vehicle along with RV-specific monitoring solutions like battery levels, lighting, slide-outs, temperature, tank monitoring and more. The EmpirBus interface can be easily customized for each RV build, resulting in intuitive operation on any RV.

Fusion Entertainment

Fusion is passionate about enhancing your on-road experience. Our determination to continually innovate has brought the integration of touchscreens to audio entertainment stereos, along with Wi-Fi audio streaming, Apple AirPlay®, PartyBus™ and advanced Digital Signal Processing technology. A commitment to quality, high performance and brilliant audio on the road. Fusion is dedicated to developing and delivering world-class audio entertainment systems for an enjoyable, intuitive and unparalleled on-road experience.

EmpirBus Digital Switching

EmpirBus Digital Switching brings all of the power and convenience of advanced home automation to your vehicle. It is Multiplexing – taken a few steps further. Durability and scalability from extensive use in tough environments – still designed for cost efficiency and modularity. EmpirBus Digital Switching allows you to control electrical and electronic systems like lighting, air-conditioning, cooler, ramp, entertainment systems and much more from your Garmin Infotainment Display.

EmpirBus Digital Switching

Customizable Interface

With fully customizable layouts - the icons, buttons and images may be intuitively dragged and dropped into any configuration. RV manufacturers can customize the layout specific to their RV models, by uploading icons, buttons and images through the free EmpirBus Graphic software. The EmpirBus Studio software also allows manufacturers to program and set all the functionalities and features of the switching system. With controls for every type of circuit switch or monitor, the EmpirBus Digital Switching system allows manufacturers to create a truly customized interface.

Garmin Superior Navigation

Not all roads are created equal, and the size of your customer’s RV plays a crucial role in deciding which route to take. By creating a unique RV profile, inputting height, length, width and weight, the Garmin Infotainment System can suggest the most efficient route to the destination – with no more back tracking and close calls.

Clearly spoken directions and easy to read information will ensure safe travels and happy campers. Exclusive features such as lane guidance, bird’s eye junction and photoreal junction view keep the driver firmly on the right path, while the brightly colored on-screen arrows lead the way.

With a comprehensive directory containing more than 20,000 locations that is frequently updated with new information about camp grounds, hostels, supermarkets, emergency services, entertainment points of interest and more. The Garmin Infotainment System is a wealth of knowledge and the perfect companion for all your on-road expeditions.

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Fusion Entertainment

Fusion’s commitment to continually innovate and deliver high performance audio entertainment systems designed and engineered for the on-road lifestyle has brought many industry leading products and features to market. Award winning stereos with integrated technologies such as advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Built-in Wi-Fi capability, Apple AirPlay, PartyBus™ and Multi-Zone™ technology, all ensure a superior entertainment experience. Matched with a range of speakers, amplifiers, remote control and industry specific products, such as the Panel-Stereo and the wireless ARX remote demonstrate our commitment to the RV industry and deliver customers the best on-road entertainment experience.

  • With the power of Fusion DSP, the sound sent to your Fusion speakers is precisely calculated and optimized to deliver a technically superior listening experience.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows for higher quality audio streaming and convenience via Apple AirPlay and UPnP onboard. Additionally over-the-air software updates are now available with Wi-Fi.
  • PartyBus allows users to enjoy the freedom of musical choice. With a network of PartyBus enabled stereos, Party Mode plays perfectly synced music across all stereos, while in Personal Mode users can listen to their own music from a PartyBus enabled stereo, independent of what is playing elsewhere around the vehicle.

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Fusion-Link Control

Wirelessly control your onboard entertainment right from your fingertips via Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi with the free Fusion-Link app. Simply download the app from the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ to connect to your stereo and enjoy control via the Fusion-Link app from your compatible Apple or Android device. You can also control your onboard entertainment right from your wrist with the free Fusion-Link Lite app and your compatible Garmin watch, download the app from Garmin Connect IQ™ store.

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