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5 Handy Bits of Kit for Family Adventures

There’s no doubt about it – travelling and boating with kids is decidedly different to doing it before kids. But there’s no reason why you can’t start them young and get the next generation hooked on all things high seas. Here’s a few of our recommendations for hassle free family adventures on your boat or on land.

Haines Hunter
A kid-friendly tablet – Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Travel time. Waiting for dinner. Staying occupied while stuck in the cabin of your boat in dreary weather. There are plenty of times while out adventuring that a tablet can be a lifesaver.

While teens are probably fine to be equipped with whatever Samsung or Apple tab is within your budget, you might want something a little more tailor-made for little hands and boisterous personalities.

The Amazon Fire is part of the Kindle range, but unlike the straight-up black-and-white e-readers you might be familiar with, the Fire is a full color tablet, while still being cheap and cheerful. It’s got substantial parental features, meaning that you can easily make sure that your kids are only accessing appropriate content – and it also comes in versions with rugged and colorful rubber cases, so they can handle minor drops and dings better than the average tablet.

Sun-smart gear for the whole family – Torpedo7 rash shirts

Rash shirts might be most commonly associated with toddlers and surfers – probably the only time those two demographic are paired together – but they are a sensible purchase for everyone in the family. Just because you don’t have the baby-soft skin of a two-year-old anymore doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be doing what you can to protect it from the elements when you’re in and around the water.

There are lots of different companies offering different options for kids and grown-ups, but for a one stop shop, Torpedo7 offer varieties for moms, dads and kids alike. They all come with 50+ UPF ratings – the highest available. Basically, 96% of harmful UV radiation will be blocked by the fabric. That’s one big tick in the sun safety column – just don’t forget to slop on your sunscreen everywhere else!

Torpedo 7 rash shirt
Making sweet, sweet music – Fusion StereoActive

Whether it’s to get the party started when moods are dropping, or to settle down excitable munchkins when it well past bed time, having a portable source of sound is a must for any trip. The Fusion StereoActive is just what you need when it comes to taking music and other audio on the go – wherever you go.

With old-school AM/FM radio capabilities as well as the latest Bluetooth connectivity, this bad boy will keep the whole family entertained – from checking the weather forecast in the morning to listening to the Moana soundtrack for the umpteenth time over lunch. With rugged casing and high quality sound, it’s the perfect travel companion.

Stay connected – Solar charging with Goal Zero

Between tablets and phones and smart watches and wireless headphones and every other kind of gadget under the sun, there’s a certain inevitability that something is going to give up the ghost partway into your trip. Rather than worrying about making sure external battery packs are charged, why not let Mother Nature do the work?

These solar panels are perfect for charging up USB devices while you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Just set them out in the sun and leave them to soak up all that light energy so that you can get back into doing whatever you were meant to be doing before.

Goal Zero Solar Charger
Keeping refreshed – Corkcicle Coolers

Whether you call them chilly bins, eskies or coolers, these nifty boxes or bags all have the same goal – to keep your drinks and food kept to a crisp temperature. When the sun hits its peak and you’re desperate for hydration, there’s nothing like a pre-cooled can of something fizzy to get you going again.

But chilly bins have come a long way from brown and white plastic crates. Check out these new designs from US company Corkcicle – you’d be hard pressed to pick out the cooler among regular fashion bags! There are three different designs, depending on your preference and capacity needs – and nobody in the family is going to balk at carrying a snazzy black and grey duffel bag filled with cold drinks!

Corkcicle coolers
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