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5 Must-Haves For Watery Weekend Adventures

At Fusion, we love discovering gadgets to extend our adventures when we’re hitting the water each weekend, or over our (southern hemisphere) summer – so we’ve compiled a few of our favorites! Check them out!

Garmin Quatix 5 Watches

Whatever watery adventure you go on this summer, the Quatix 5 watch can keep up with you every step of the way. Garmin have created the Quatix 5 specifically for the water, with high-sensitivity GPS navigation functions, the ability to control the vessel’s autopilot, and built-in tracking profiles and performance metrics for paddle-boarding, swimming, canoeing and sailing. The watch also has comprehensive smart connectivity, so you can stay connected via emails, texts and other alerts wherever you are.

Better yet, you can connect the Quatix 5 to your on-board Fusion entertainment system with the built-in Fusion-Link™ Lite app, so you can control your music while you relax and enjoy yourself out on the water. Besides making your life on the water a whole lot easier, the Quatix 5 is sleek and stylish to have you looking your best – some would even say it’s the perfect Christmas present *hint hint*!

VSSL First Aid

This unassuming tube could be your knight in shining silver armor in an hour of need. It may just look like a stylish torch on the surface – but there’s a lot more going on inside. The VSSL First Aid is packed with an impressive array of supplies to deal with on-the-go patch-up jobs. With antiseptic wipes, bandages, painkillers, tweezers, tape and more, you’ll feel a lot more confident with one of these bad boys in tow.

The torch itself is a great piece of kit too, with a powerful 200-lumen light, and both static and SOS modes so you can handle exploring in the dark as well as calling for help. There’s also an oil-filled compass, allowing you to find your way whatever the weather’s doing. And best of all, it’s completely waterproof – so the ideal companion for boating adventures.

Wacaco Nanopresso

Even on the best adventures, adrenaline’s only going to get you so far. But just because you’re out at sea, doesn’t mean you have to go without a decent cup of coffee. Don’t succumb to the easy temptation of instant sachets – you’re better than that, mate.

Luckily, the coolest on-the-go gadget for caffeine junkies is here. The Wacaco Nanopresso is an easy-to-use, totally portable, hand-powered espresso machine. Sounds stranger than fiction? It’s the real deal. It weighs less than 350 grams and it’s just over 15 centimeters tall – so when we say portable, we mean portable.

Grind your favorite beans before you head out, pop them in a zip-loc bag with your Nanopresso and you’ll be away laughing. Just make sure you bring enough to go around.

New Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

Being sun smart doesn’t have to come at the expense of looking slick – even when you’re making sure you’ve got proper polarized glasses to handle the glare from the wide open sea around you.

Snag these specs in Ray-Ban’s famous and eternally cool Wayfarer design. The black frames are a classic look – and the lenses are polarized for your protection in a range of colors.

Why polarized, you may be wondering? Well, polarized glasses are helpful in a range of situations, especially when you’re around large bodies of water… like the sea. What polarized lenses specifically do, though, is eliminate glare, enhance contrast, reduce strain on your eyes and increase your visual clarity. Sounds good to us.

Fusion ARX Remote

There’s nothing better than a day out on the water, laying in the sun sipping on an ice-cold Margarita and listening to awesome music on your Fusion sound system. But what if you need to change the tune? Forget the hassle of getting up and disrupting your sunbathe, the Fusion ARX remote allows you to enjoy wireless audio control anywhere on board!

Simply place, pair and play – the ARX wireless remote is fitted with high bonding tape requiring no cut-outs and wires making it quick and easy to mount in any location. Perfect for the swim platform, cabin, bow… or all of the above, its weather-resistant design means it is built to last on-board and the rubberized, tactile buttons make it easy to use even in wet conditions. Connect to your compatible Fusion stereo and enjoy audio control in up to four audio zones to really get the party started!