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5 Reasons Why a Portable Marine Stereo System Blows Your Bluetooth Speaker Out Of The Water

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There are some conditions where your standard Bluetooth speaker just won’t hack it – specifically those rugged outdoor activities that mean it will be exposed to harsh UV rays and salt spray, like when you’re out exploring the wide open seas.

Wherever your sense of adventure takes you, you want to know that the equipment you’re taking along for the ride is fit for purpose! This is where a portable marine stereo thrives; it can get you from the boat, to the beach, and home for a barbeque, with your beats taken care of! Read on for our look at the 5 reasons you need to get your hands on one of these bad boys before you’re next out adventuring…

Listen to the radio wherever you go

While you undoubtedly want to be able to pick your playlist to provide the perfect entertainment for your activities, when you’re out on the water (or looking to head out) it’s also important to be able to tune in to check the current weather conditions. Whether you’re heading out fishing or just having a cruise, a marine stereo system with a built-in AM/FM radio tuner with Weatherband, you will be able to keep track of the conditions while also having the option to listen to your favorite stations. (Weatherband is available in North America only).

It can be mounted anywhere

Bluetooth speakers are made to be portable but, once on board, there’s little to stop them rolling around – or worse, overboard! Ideally you want your sounds to stay put, despite any potential ‘motion of the ocean’, while still being truly portable. FUSION’s puck mounts allow you to attach the StereoActive portable marine stereo to the helm, stern, bow or side of your boat, your kayak, SUP or even your spa pool. Mount a puck a few different places and you can just clip and unclip, moving your stereo around as the mood moves you. It’s far better to enjoy yourself without having to worry about your stereo’s whereabouts!

It floats!

In the unlikely case your portable marine stereo comes off your vessel, don’t fret – it’ll just bob in the water! With a floating, IPx7 water resistant design, the StereoActive is ready for anything while out on the water. While that may not set it apart from every Bluetooth speaker on the market, it is unique in its specific fit for purpose; its salt spray and UV testing means you don’t have to worry about keeping your unit covered, no matter where you go!

USB, smartphone and Bluetooth capabilities

Don’t worry, a portable marine stereo doesn’t just limit you to the radio. You’re not only able to stream audio via Bluetooth from any compatible device, you can also plug in your smartphone, and have the option for a USB within a waterproof cavity designed to provide secure housing. What's more, the StereoActive acts as a power bank, so if your device is running low on battery just plug it in and get back to the music. Technology should be an enabler with no limits, so you should ideally be able to listen to your music in any way possible – and StereoActive makes that possible.

It’s super easy to install

When it comes to marine stereo systems, Fusion’s StereoActive is the first of its kind to be set up in under 2 minutes, with no cutting holes or running wires. Almost as easy as carrying your Bluetooth speaker on board but with all the additional functionality, a portable marine stereo is both easy and versatile. Unlike a ‘wired in’ marine entertainment system too, you can use a portable marine stereo 365 days a year, anywhere that you are… Boat, beach, BBQ and beyond!