A Day In The Life of Jonny, From Blackdog Cat Boatbuilders

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For Jonny, music and a life based around marine pursuits come together daily. From his work in design and fitout, as well as supervising the workshop at Northland’s premier boatbuilder, Blackdog Cat, to his leisure time, which is spent onboard his 5.1m vessel on the water surrounding Whangarei Heads – Jonny loves having his StereoActive as an accompaniment to his adventures.

We caught up with Jonny as he put his StereoActive through its paces…

Living where I do up at Whangarei Heads, our backyard – and our playground – is the water. Almost every weekend (and after work!), when the weather permits, is spent at the beach or out on the water; we’re surrounded by incredible fishing and diving spots, and I love exploring new terrain. Sometimes I’ll even take my girlfriend across the harbour for a coffee!

A typical day for me is spent in the Blackdog Cat workshop, where I move from boat to boat, sorting out and checking the final touches of each vessel that we manufacture.

The StereoActive comes along in my toolbox, which it’s totally rugged enough to do – and I love its portability, because the day always seems better with music.

Music is a huge part of my life; it fills the gap when things aren’t going so well and can change my mood in an instant. I’d describe my taste as a bit eclectic – it all depends on what I’m doing and the mood I’m in – so anything from chilled tunes, to rock or electronica can be heard coming from my stereo throughout the day. I love not being restricted either to where I can listen to tunes – especially in a job where I move around so much!

When the work day is over (and if weather and light permits!) I tend to take my boat out. I have a 5.1metre Centre Console Blackdog Cat, which is super versatile – it’s got space for me and my mates to jig for kingies, drift for snapper or gear up for a crayfish dive.

Tonight, we’re heading out to see whether we can catch dinner; my StereoActive is along for the ride, taking pride of place in the console. It’s awesome to have some good beats cranking over the sound of the engine and helping us unwind from the day as we head out. As we get to our spot and cut the engine, we turn the tunes down a bit, so that we can talk as well, but they still provide the background for the evening.

Of all the features of the StereoActive, I love that it’s IPx7 water resistant – which means I never have to worry – not to mention the fact that it floats! It’s so sturdy and gets really good footing on different surfaces too, so I never fear losing it over the side, even if it gets a bit rougher!

After coordinating the boys to meet up this evening, my phone died, but I was able to charge it again off the StereoActive’s battery – without any fears that our music would stop either; this thing seems to just go and go and go… for days! For me, the StereoActive’s got it all – and means I don’t need to install an expensive marine stereo onboard, which is no small task in a fully aluminium vessel.

I love that the StereoActive has me covered for all my outdoor pursuits and adventures. I’m also into deer, pig, and goat hunting and use it to call in stags at the roar – as well as keeping our spirits up when we’re stuck at camp in bad weather.

Water resistant, rugged and fully portable – the StereoActive is where it’s at!

For more information on BlackDog Cats, visit their website here.

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