A Day In The Life of StereoActive: Out Fishing With Mike

Think of it as his trusty side-kick... Back to Pulse

Mike is an enthusiastic StereoActive user who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US. Mike certainly lives by the motto, “Life’s an adventure”. Whether he’s riding his side-by-side (UTV) to and from hunting locations, finding the best fishing spots, chilling out while camping or riding the airboat in Florida’s Everglades National Park, Mike’s StereoActive goes everywhere that he goes. Think of it as his trusty side-kick...

We asked Mike to share what a typical fishing adventure looks like…

I’m up before the crack of dawn, ready for a day out on the water fishing. First things first, I head into my garage and grab my StereoActive and tune into the weatherband to listen to the marine forecast; arguably one of the best features on this handy device (although I could say that about most features!)

I begin grabbing my fishing rods and reels, cooler and the rest of my fishing gear, listening to see if I need to bring some foul weather gear. Here in Florida it can be beautifully sunny and hot (and I mean HOT!) one minute and then, in an instant, it can do a full 180 and there’s a torrential downpour of heavy rain, in the blink of an eye. Once I’ve prepared everything I need for the day, I throw everything into the back of my truck (and yes, I even throw the StereoActive in - it’s that tough) and head out to the ocean.

The whole time I’m out on the boat, the StereoActive is booming out killer tunes - from the moment I leave the dock, to the moment I return to continue the party on land. Often I’m out all day, but the Stereo Active has an insane battery life and, even when it does run out of juice, it can charge quicker than most phones.

While some enjoy the serenity of the lapping water as it lightly rocks the boat, I prefer to spend my fishing time listening (and dancing) to rock music! I like my music LOUD, and I love that no matter how much I turn the speaker up, the quality of the sound is still crystal clear. I have found I need to be careful where I place the StereoActive while blasting music – it thumps so hard that it manages to shake right off the table, or into the water! I’m never too worried about this though - the StereoActive is resilient and waterproof (phew) – it’s more the shock of hearing a thud or a splash. It’s my bad too, as the StereoActive has heaps of easy mounting options – I often just forget and just put it down somewhere.

I rarely go fishing alone and, unfortunately, some people don’t seem to enjoy my constant stream of rock music blaring while they’re trying to reel in a mighty whiting or snapper. Surprising, I know! Sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit with some smooth jazz, or some techno. Who knows, a change in beat may even attract more fish?

Changing the music is so simple a fish could do it! (I wouldn’t test this theory though). From Bluetooth to AM/FM radio, it can play anything to suit the mood. The radio feature has saved me numerous times when I either get bored of my own music, or my phone runs out of juice and I’m waiting for the StereoActive to charge it back to life.

After a full day out on the water, I head back to the shore with a chilly bin loaded with fish and the music booming. Thank goodness for the directional speakers, otherwise everyone would probably hear me approaching from a mile away! I may be exhausted and ready to recharge, but my FUSION StereoActive is always ready for the next adventure. 

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