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All Rise For The Last 2018 FUSION SoundRise Project Winners

Who else thought that last year went by ridiculously quickly? We did – and that’s partly why we rolled the last part of the year together (MAINZ’s Term 3 and 4) for a super duper round of the FUSION SoundRise Project.

Just in case you’ve also started the year a bit foggy – here’s a recap of what the FUSION SoundRise Project is all about. SoundRise sees us partner with the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ) to invite students to write, record and submit an original track in response to a corporate creative brief that we provide. This gives the students the opportunity to gain experience in a real-world commercial environment and the opportunity to have their music taken to the global stage through our retail network in over 42 countries. Together we are taking New Zealand music to the world!

It turns out though that two terms produced too much talent and we weren’t able to pick just one winner. Here we proudly introduce you to our final winners for 2018…

Final Round Winners:
ATU – Full Moon Sway

The first of our winners for this round is singer songwriter, composer and talented guitarist ATU with his track ‘Full Moon Sway’. ATU’s sound spans from light-hearted summer jams to heavy, introspective rock and he cites his influences as being pop, rock, metal, jazz, and blues. The winning track hits down the lighter end of the spectrum and we love it as an upbeat and ‘feel good’ beach jam that’s reminiscent for us of the oh-so-good Kiwi summer.

ATU’s ‘Full Moon Sway’ will be released soon as part of his upcoming EP ‘Push Button To…’ or you can check it out here.

Porcelain and Kaoz – Completion

Our other winner for the final 2018 round of the FUSION SoundRise Project is Porcelain and Kaoz with their track ‘Completion’. While it may have been written in a small rehearsal room, this song is anything but, with big bass magic, smooth vocals, and gritty DJ skills. Bringing together a DJ from Wanaka with a singer/songwriter from the shores of Waiheke Island, this track fuses both of their unique styles to create something special.

Check out this perfect pairing in Porcelain and Kaoz’s ‘Completion’ on SoundCloud here.

For FUSION, we’ve always been about the music and our roots as a homegrown Kiwi brand mean that we’re passionate about showing the world what little ol’ New Zealand can achieve. Not only have we punched above our weight from an innovation standpoint in the marine industry, we’ve been stoked to see Kiwi artists doing us proud offshore.

“The initial idea was just to run a competition, but when we teamed up with MAINZ, we were really able to give the project heart. Now we’ve developed an ongoing programme around it with the intention of showcasing New Zealand music to the world,” explains FUSION’s Marketing Manager, Marcus Hamilton. “For us it was a no-brainer; we’re already playing music, why wouldn’t we make it Kiwi music? There’s so much talent here that doesn’t get the exposure it deserves, so I love that we can provide an inspiring opportunity for students and connect the arts with the commercial world.”

For the students, the project gives them a taste of the kind of creative work that might be available to them as Kiwi artists and, with five genres to choose from, there’s no limit on the creative output that they come back with. All of the tracks are uploaded to the MAINZ-run radio station, Radio Teapot, for some initial exposure before the tracks are mastered and the judges (who are comprised of radio hosts, tutors, and industry selectors) have their final say.

As well as the kudos (and cash prize) that comes with taking out the top spot in the SoundRise Project, the winning songs make their way onto FUSION’s portable marine StereoActive systems that are distributed to salespeople and retailers worldwide. As a brand (and especially with our world-leading, purpose-built, and fully portable marine stereo systems), FUSION gets around, so our best guess is that these homegrown tracks are heard in at least 42 countries – which is a great start in getting them exposure on the global stage!

After these newly awarded tracks have done the rounds on the demo StereoActives, FUSION will be awarding an overall winner amidst all of the top 2018 talent. Along with the newest songs above, you can check out the other top tracks on SoundCloud here.

Which would be your pick for showing off your stereo to best effect? And is there a different one that you’d queue up first to get the party started? Let us know by sharing it on our Facebook page with the #FusionSoundRise