Anglers Unite at Salon de la Peche

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If your dream trip involves reeling in a giant swordfish or sea bass, then you were probably in France last weekend. That’s because anglers from all around the world made the trip to France to attend the Salon de la Peche and indulge in their passion for the sport.

The Salon de la Peche is said to be the place that you must be seen at if you’re passionate about fishing or working in the industry (and certainly if you fall into both categories). That’s because the Salon de la Peche is one of the biggest events in the world that’s exclusively for fishing. Fittingly, it’s also committed to being an exceptionally eco-friendly event, as the environment is naturally very important to keen anglers.

This was the 14th year running for the Salon de la Peche, and it attracted over 18,000 anglers. The Salon de la Peche also had over 140 exhibitors, including, of course, the crème de la crème of the industry. All of the biggest companies were there, and FUSION Entertainment was right along with them to show off their 750 series.

Whether you’re happy just bobbing on the calm waters with a line, or if you consider yourself a fully-fledged “reel addict,” the 750 series is the perfect accompaniment. With the MS-UD750 or MS-AV750 you can enjoy intuitive audio playback via Bluetooth, iPhone, Android or USB. Plus you don’t have to worry about the rain or the waves getting into the UNI-Dock of the MS-UD750. It’s safe to keep your iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 in the UNI-Dock, because it’s waterproof – there’s no way for water to get in. As an added bonus, the Class-D amplifier with Side-Fin cooling technology will efficiently power audio while drawing less power from your vessel.

In the past, the Salon de la Peche won an Innovation Award for the most outstanding innovations exhibited during a show. They’ve actually built their reputation partly on being innovative in the products and services that their vendors show, so we were proud to be one of them.

At the showgrounds, visitors could purchase all of the latest fishing equipment that they might need, including bait, reels, rods, and other accessories. People were always on hand to help answer any questions too. And like any good show, there were plenty of guest speakers, fishing experts, and tutorials that visitors could learn from, so everyone was able to walk away with something, even if it was a little extra knowledge.