Announcing the Winners of Round Two for the FUSION SoundRise Project

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It’s that time again – the time that we get to proudly introduce you all to another round (our second ever!) of winners in the FUSION Soundrise Project!

As a partnering project with the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ), the FUSION Soundrise Project invites students to write, record and submit an original track in response to a corporate creative brief provided by FUSION Entertainment.

As well as giving the students a look at the sort of commercial work they might have access to as Kiwi artists, the project is also a launching pad for the winning students to showcase their music on a global stage.

With five genres to choose from, students uploaded their tracks to Radio Teapot (the MAINZ-run radio station) for general listening, before the judges picked the five winning tracks – one representing each genre.

From there, this sampling of great New Zealand music gets taken to the world as, following mastering, these tracks are loaded on FUSION’s portable marine StereoActive systems and distributed to their salespeople and retailers worldwide.

As the market leader in portable, purpose-built marine stereo systems, FUSION’s Stereo Actives get around. In fact, our best guess is that these grassroots Kiwi tracks will be heard in at least 42 countries! You too can listen to all five of the tracks here on SoundCloud or read on to meet the winners of the second round of the FUSION Soundrise Project.


We’ve all seen the huge success of some of the music industry’s ‘supergroups’ – are these guys set to follow in their footsteps? Sometimes when a group gets together, magic happens. That was the case following ‘Collaboration Week’ when FKNA were born. Their winning track, Show Me What You Know is funky and catchy – guaranteed to stay in your head all day! (You have been warned!)

Micky and the Seuss

Kindred spirits, Micky Adderley (vocalist) and James Atwill (guitarist) first formed the nucleus of The Seuss. It wasn’t long before they were joined by the ‘maestro of funk’ Jay Harris on Bass, the talented Jonnie Barnard on lead guitar and Chy Thode acting as a force of nature on the drums. This combo brings forth hard rocking, blues-inspired beats; if you closed your eyes you’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a black bluesman from 1930s Mississippi. It turns out the judges also loved the way that they’re bringing old school back, so make sure you check out their winning track!


There’s something super relatable about post-punk singer, Mikaela. Not only is she not afraid to speak her mind, she knows how we all feel – and that’s what she sings about! Her sound has been described as “thick and flavoursome like honey, soft and raw like a tamed lion.” Either way, the judges dug her catchy tune and labelled her track a winner in this round of FUSION’s SoundRise Project, so check it out.   


For acoustic pop artist, Paige, performing has been a part of life since she was just seven years old and debuted in her first school talent show. She’s come long way since then – doing gigs in restaurants, at weddings and functions, as well as a good deal of busking – before taking out one of the categories in the second round of Soundrise. Paige’s other claim to fame was featuring on the second season of X Factor where she made it through to round 1 of bootcamp. Her debut EP ‘On My Own’ was released just last month.

TLA (Three Letter Acronym)

As an independent pop-rock band living and working in the heart of Auckland City, TLA take their influences from all over! The five members come from a range of different musical backgrounds – spanning from musical theatre and the indie/alternative scene to heavy blues, pop-punk and electronica. Somehow the combination works though! Their category win comes just ahead of the release of their debut album, Remember Friday, happening in October; not bad for a band that only formed a year ago!  

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