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Apollo, We Have Launch: The Apollo Series at the Hutchwilco Boat Show

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The Hutchwilco Boat Show is always a highlight of the year, with hundreds of vessels on show and heaps of amazing boat builders with endless experience to chat to.

This year, the Hutchwilco Boat Show saw our New Zealand launch of the Apollo Series, our latest line of high-end marine sound systems. With built in Wi-Fi, DPS processing, PartyBus music zones, ability to play the same music across different boats, and quite possibly the best audio quality we’ve ever created, we’re pretty excited about it – so we hooked a few of our OEMs up with brand new Apollo equipment on their boats on display at the show.

So what are their first impressions?


Paul from Stabicraft was incredibly excited about the new line on show. When asked what Paul thought of the range, he was emphatic in his response: “Quality – same as everything else from Fusion. The connectivity’s easy; the sound quality’s great.”

Stabicraft and Fusion started working together almost ten years ago, and neither partner has looked back since. “We used to use other products – from the day we started using Fusion products we haven’t had any issues.

“Quality of Fusion’s products is number one – we don’t get any issues with them but also the sound quality is top notch,” Paul reveals. ““The innovation that they show far exceeds others. As a business, we will only partner with the best. Whatever product we sell, we have to stand by. For me the big three are good communication and support, reliability, and great products. Fusion ticks all those boxes.”

Extreme Boats

Extreme Boats have been using Fusion products almost exclusively for the last few years, so were keen to try out the new Apollo Series on launch.

Their customers are happy to follow Extreme Boats’ advice when it comes to deciding which sound system to install, which is where Fusion products come in. “Ease of use is very handy,” shares Sam from Extreme Boats. “They always have been, but the fact that they’re linked through all the GPS units is very popular.”

While the team hadn’t had much time to play around yet, Sam’s especially impressed by how simple to operate the Apollo range are. He shares that “Apollo’s pretty clever – and from a looks point of view it looks pretty awesome.

McLay Boats

The form factor of the new sound systems is definitely a winner for Mike at McLay Boats. “I’m really impressed; I love the touch screen – buttons are old school,” Mike says. “The interlinking – they communicate to the other boats which is a positive, playing one sound and linking it.

“On the Apollo, I think it’s the connection that stands out – between each other, the WiFi, everything else that’s in there. It definitely stands up.”

The Apollo series ticks all the boxes for Mike: “What more do I need?”

Warren Hay Marine

For Bruce from Warren Hay Marine, the most important aspect of the Apollo sound system is that it’s “easy to use and does all the right things.”

It was the team at Warren Hay who were early campaigners for being able to sync the sound across multiple vessels, so they were pretty happy to see Apollo hit the market. “We used to always joke about having boat parties and hooking up all the speakers together,” Bruce remembers. “It’s awesome that we can now do that with Apollo.”

Warren Hay has partnered with Fusion for the better part of a decade now. “We’ve always used Fusion, on our own boats. We upgrade all the time – it helps to know what you’re selling.”

Sportcraft Boats

The boat we installed Apollo in had only just gotten back from the upholsterers but it had a big impact on the team at Sportcraft immediately. “They look cool, really awesome,” shares Jamie. “The guys at the shop just love them.”

Jamie and the team are always pleased when repair jobs are few and far between – which is why they’ve been working with Fusion for so long now. “We put in a lot of stereos, and they’re well built, they’re not going to collapse on you,” Jamie reveals. “We don’t want to be pulling speakers out all the time to fix them.”

Rayglass Boats

Dave from Rayglass Boats has already started converting his boating mates towards using Fusion products – and the Apollo might be his newest crusade.

I love it, it’s really good.

Dave’s always been impressed with Fusions’ various offerings: “The quality and sound, the ease of the use… They tick all the boxes.” Just as important as the features of speakers, however, is their resilience. “Boats are susceptible to salt water moisture,” Dave notes, “and the Fusion stuff can really handle the environment. It cranks the sound, and if it’s raining you don’t have to worry about it.”

The new Apollo range has caught his eye and looks like it meets his high standards: “A big thing for us is having your sound system interact with your GPS, and it already does that. Whereas a lot of competitors’ products don’t,” Dave says. “The multi displays are great, having screens all over the boat or control it on your phone.”

“We’ve just recently started putting in Fusion in as standard. It really comes down to the product and how easy it is to use, how much you get out of it.”

Family Boats

Family Boats were busy at Hutchwilco this year, but Ivan took some time to tell us his thoughts about the new Apollo Series. “The power button was always a real sticking point, so the touchscreen is great. The WiFi and everything – it’s all where the market is going.

“We’ve run it through the amp and sub – and we’ve definitely enjoyed it so far.”


Adam from Surtees was already loving the Apollo on their 7.5m on display at the show. “It’s very easy to use, as with all Fusion products. I love the styling of the unit, it’s quite different and unique. The touchscreen’s awesome and the retro styling of the big button’s really neat. It’s all really intuitive.”

Sound quality was another big winner for the Surtees team. “We cranked it for sure – it’s the same as always for Fusion, it always delivers.”

As for who the Apollo’s right for, Adam can see it suiting their high end, premium customers – like a couple who spend their weekends not just fishing but really enjoying their boat. “When aesthetics come into it, the Apollo comes into play. I can see where it’s positioned probably in the bigger boats, but it does sit pretty well on a really nicely spec’d 750.

“The reason why we trust Fusion is they are marine systems for marine environments – they’ve built their business and their brand on it.”