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Boating Lifestyle: Aotearoa New Zealand

It's no secret that we love being on the water. Some say the sea is in our blood!

In New Zealand, we're never more than 80 miles from the sea, we have a serious passion for innovating, and we love entertaining. Where those ideas meet is with Fusion® and our built-for-purpose marine audio solutions.

We thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the best parts of being on the water around the world, starting with our lovely islands on the underside of the world.

Get on your 'biscuit'

There's nothing quite like tearing around on an inflatable biscuit with the tunes blasting!

For our non-Kiwi readers, 'biscuiting' is what the locals call getting towed at speed on an inflatable or even a tractor inner tube. A traditional Kiwi pastime, the aim of the game is for the skipper to make tight turns so that those getting towed get flung across the wake and ramped into the air!

If you're keen for some salt spray, then the glassy waters of Rangataua Bay near Tauranga are a well-kept secret (until now). With no water traffic to speak of, and stony beaches dotting the shores, it's easy to park up and go for a spin.

One of the top freshwater spots for watersports is tucked away in the central North Island in Lake Karapiro on the Waikato River. While the kayakers disappear to the quieter routes, summer welcomes water-skiers, wakeboarders and tubers alike, and further upstream you'll find the gin-clear waters of Lake Taupō.

Song of choice: April Sun in Cuba - Dragon

Pull a mussel

We're a country with a close relationship to kaimoana – or 'seafood'. We love fishing – and there are few better spots than mussel farms.

They're dotted around the country but are specifically abundant in the Firth of Thames and off the east coast of Waiheke Island. We know that fish love to gather around the farms – where their food is easy picking – so if you're heading out for the day, anchor up on a mussel barge and wait for the snapper to come snapping!

Song of choice: Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

Entertain at your home away from home

Entertaining is about looking at new possibilities – and nothing has the draw of a home-cooked meal on board your boat and a dinner date on the water.

If your yacht is kitted out with some good mood lighting and a tidy entertainment system, you'll be able to set the mood from the moment your date's on deck. With the Fusion-Link™ Wireless Remote App, you'll be able to navigate your music and your evening and ensure that the tunes keep coming – whether you're above or below deck.

Song of choice: Cool Me Down - The Black Seeds