Caravanning Days in Düsseldorf

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With its innovative architecture, exciting nightlife and impressive art and culture scene, Düsseldorf has it all. It is easy to see why someone would want to drive into the city in their RV, and set up for a while – there’s so much to see and do.

It was the perfect location, then, for the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, which was held in 2015 for the 54th time, from the 29th of August to the 6th of September. Bigger and better than ever before, this year’s event had more people attending from all over the world, more exhibitors and more industry innovations on display. It was a record breaker for a reason, and shows that people are very interested in the RV lifestyle.

The team from FUSION were very excited to be there, among the crowds of passionate and engaged attendees, sharing in the fun. It was great to check out the latest in motor homes and caravans, their related technology and accessories, and find out about all the top tourist destinations.

Particular standouts were the Dream Tour Cinema, which took audiences on a journey through idyllic countryside and breathtaking landscapes, and the vintage caravan exhibition, which was a fascinating trip down memory lane – and a reminder of just how far the industry has come! With plenty for everyone of all ages and interests, the nine-day event quickly flew past, and was over before we knew it.

We were also showing off our brand new RV-IN801 – so new it hasn’t even hit the market yet! An all-in-one audio/visual solution for those on the open road and camping, the infotainment system – specifically designed for use in RVs – was enthusiastically received by the show’s crowds.

They loved its large 8” touch screen, which allows for easy navigation and music selection with FUSION preview and gesture control, as well as a smartphone app remote and steering wheel controls. Of course, it can connect with any compatible Bluetooth smartphone or media device to keep you and your family with a soundtrack for your travels. Keeping safety in mind, it’s also all hands-free, and rear view camera compatible. Meanwhile, superior RV specific navigation by GARMIN lets you sit back and enjoy the open road.

It was so great to have such an enthusiastic response from the people at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, who are fun-loving and avid RV aficionados – exactly the people who will benefit from the features of the RV-IN801. We’re looking forward to next year already!

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