Famous James Bond SpeedBoat Installs FUSION!

The Glastron GT-150 speed boat used in Live and Let Die (1974) has been kitted out with a killer Fusion sound system. Back to Pulse

James Bond is a movie icon – and so are his movies and the incredible array of luxury vehicles and boats he uses in them. His transport methods are fast, technologically advanced, stylish and fit for a super spy.


The speedboat from the famous race scene in Live and Let Die (1974) is the Glastron GT-150. With an Evinrude Starflite 135h engine, this set a World Record for the memorable jump that it made in the film.


26 models were made by Glastron for filming; 2 boats were fully kitted out, while the rest of them were used for practice jumps. 17 of the Glastron’s were damaged during the filming.

Jarek Nawrojsz of MOTOX Giżycko in Poland is a proud owner of one of the surviving Glastron GT-150 boats used for filming in Live and Let Die. The Glastron is currently under preparation for the season; and from this year onwards, FUSION will be providing the music on board this classic boat.


Featuring FUSION sports white Signature Series speakers and a 650 Series stereo system, this Glastron keep its classic 1970s style, with the latest in marine audio entertainment technologies.


In order to get the perfect shot, there had to be some dummy tests in order to calculate the perfect jump for the scene – in fact the jump was practiced more than 100 times before shooting took place. And when it did, the one and only shot of the jump was used in the final cut of the film!

We’re proud to have FUSION on board such a classic, iconic speedboat. Now we’re off to go watch the film.

For more information on the history of the Glastron GT-150 check out this link here.

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