First Winners Announced for FUSION SoundRise Project

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In our line of work, we get to do some pretty cool things, but this is up there in terms of taking the cake. We’re super excited to announce the first round of winners from the FUSION SoundRise Project, and showcase their music to the world.

In collaboration with the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ), the FUSION SoundRise Project invited students to create and submit their own original music to a corporate creative brief provided by FUSION Entertainment. The first session of the project was a resounding success!

There were five genres the musos could pick from and, following the upload of their tracks to Radio Teapot (the MAINZ-run radio station) for their first lot of exposure, the judges have picked five winning tracks – one for each genre. Following mastering, each track has been loaded onto FUSION’s StereoActive systems and distributed to FUSION’s salespeople and retailers worldwide.

As a market-leading portable, purpose-built marine stereo system, FUSION’s StereoActives get around and, according to FUSION’s Marketing Manager, Marcus Hamilton, the best guess is that these students’ music will be heard in at least 42 countries… It’s all part of our aim to showcase New Zealand music to the world.

You too, can listen to all five of the tracks HERE or read on to meet the winners of the debut session of the FUSION SoundRise Project.

Dead Beat Boys

This 5 piece are a straight up and down rock’n’roll band from heartland New Zealand. Formed in 2010, Dead Beat Boys are known for their high energy shows and dirty, aggressive sound. They’re already making a mark on the NZ music scene and take inspiration from the great Kiwi bands who have come before them, including Shihad and The Datsuns. Check out their track, Pu, via the link above.

Felix the Thyrd

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in New Zealand, this producer and singer-songwriter’s first foray into music began at age 13, when his mother gave him his first guitar. From those soulful, folksy beginnings, Felix’s sound is an amalgamation of trap, soul, pop, rock, dance and electronic and features high energy and a captivating, fully immersive live performance. Check out his track, I Was Never Good At Love, via the link above.


Already one of Auckland’s up and coming artists is self-produced Roe. Best described as indie pop, Roe’s sound is part of a new breed of singer-songwriters using electronic means to develop their sound. Check out her track, Nobody, using the link above.

Truck Puppy

Rock/punk duo Truck Puppy formed out of a collaboration between guitarist Ash, and bass and electronic producer Salman. Their sound is much larger than the fact of them being a two-piece would suggest and you can check out their track, Happy Rebel, via the link above.


Rounding out the group with her R&B influences is Valen, a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She’s already gaining a reputation for her intense vocals and pure, authentic style that combines both organic acoustic elements with warm ethereal electronics. Check out her track, C’mon Over, using the link above.

Following the tracks doing the rounds on the demo StereoActives, FUSION will be awarding an overall winner based on the ‘go to’ track that people used first each time to show off the portable marine stereo system. Which track is your pick for getting the party started?