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Five of the Best Paddle-Boarding Apps

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There’s nothing better than being out on the water with the sun beating down on your back. Paddle-boarding is the perfect water sport for all seasons, surprisingly even in the dead of winter! Whether you prefer the serenity of paddle-boarding alone, or the social aspects of hitting the water with friends, there are a few gizmos and gadgets that you shouldn’t be without!

While you may be thinking of time on your board as the ideal time to ‘unplug’ – and don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the tranquility of nature – we’re also firm believers that sometimes a little technology can enhance the experience… especially if it’s purpose-built!

Here we’ve put together our five fave apps to maximize your paddle-boarding experience.

1. Launch Sites

Before you get started, the first consideration is where you’re actually going to take your board. While in New Zealand, we’re blessed by being a relatively small island, so the nearest water is only as far away as the coast, that’s not always the case! If you’re in America, this one’s for you: The Launch Sites app is pre-loaded with more than 22,000 entry points - places that you can park up and get your board in the water.

2. Fusion-Link

If you are someone who enjoys convenience then the Fusion-Link app is for you! Fusion-Link’s wireless remote app enables smartphone and Garmin watch owners the ability to control their Fusion StereoActive (the award-winning portable marine stereo) right from their fingertips! Operating via Bluetooth and ANT Technology, this remote app takes all the stress out of your time spent relaxing, by enhancing your experience with your beloved paddle-boarding beats. Don’t want to lose your balance leaning down to change a song? Not a problem! Just reach for your wrist! Don’t want to leave a great conversation round the campfire or BBQ to turn up your favorite song, whip out your phone and you can easily control the volume as the mood moves you!

3. GarminConnect

If you’ve got a Garmin device, the Garmin Connect app is a must. It will take your fitness fun even further, storing your data so that you can compare the intensity of your paddle-boarding trips based on the distance you travelled, your heart rate and paddle strokes; all essential pieces of information when setting up a training regimen. Not only that, Garmin Connect creates a community enabling you to create a training group, or simply join millions of users who are getting out there like you are. And of course you can now also use your compatible Garmin device to control your audio entertainment on the Fusion StereoActive!

4. TempoRun

We know the vibe of your paddle-boarding adventure is wholly influenced by the beats you bring with you out on the water. Now you can focus on having fun, not worrying about what music to play, with Tempo Run. Consider it your own personal, mind-reading DJ, customising a playlist based on your paddle-boarding tempo. Whether you want to cruise along the water at the pace of the Oh Hellos, or cut through the water at speed to The Weeknd as part of your morning workout, the TempoRun app helps you power your paddle with music.

5. SUP Trotters

Did you just return from one of the best paddle-boarding adventures ever? Now you can record a GPS map of where you went and how long it took, with just the touch of a button! SUP Trotters is a user-friendly app that tracks your entire journey and lets you share it directly to your social media pages – that way you can entice your friends to go with you on your next adventure.

Check out these apps either from iTunes, or the Google Play store before your next outing.