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Hidden gems: Boating spots around the world that will blow your mind!

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It’s all well and good cruising down to your local cove for a relaxed weekend out on the water.

But for longer holidays, nothing beats finding an off the radar spot that isn’t crammed with other boaties and noisy tourists. These days, such a place can be hard to find, but we’ve done our best to pull together a few of our personal favourite boating hideaways across the world.

Sit down, have a read, and keep quiet about them, or these hidden gems will become just like the others!

Andros Island, Bahamas

For boaties living on the East Coast, cruising down to the Bahamas is a popular getaway. Places like Bimini, Freeport and Nassau are common knowledge, but what about those wanting to escape the rush and explore the other, more remote spots in the Bahamas? We’d suggest mooring at Andros Island. Not only is it reasonably unknown, so the crowds are kept to a minimum, but it’s got something for everyone. Beautiful beaches (of course, it’s the Bahamas!) for the family to relax on, great diving spots in nearby Hope Bay, and good fishing all around. Keep away for the bustling madness of mainstream Bahamas, and head out to this hidden gem instead.

Your perfect jam for cruising the Bahamas: 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz

Oke Bay, New Zealand

Nestled in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, Oke Bay is a real hidden treasure. This cove has good anchorage depth, just off the coast of a secluded sandy beach. Spend a couple of nights here soaking up the sheer serenity of New Zealand’s scenery, or enjoy the warm water and strap on the boots for a hike in the surrounding hills. New Zealand’s Bay of Islands also offers some of the country’s best fishing, yet unlike the more popular Coromandel Peninsula, you can still find some locations that will be yours alone to enjoy.

Get into the Kiwi spirit listening to: White Lines by SIX60

Bonifacio, Corsica

The home of Napolean, Corsica is an essential location for any boatie looking to add stunning cliffs and deep blue waters to their list of conquests. Located on the southern tip of Corsica, Bonifacio boasts a beautiful port—a river flows from the ocean, meandering several hundred meters amidst twists and turns, before opening up to the inland port of Bonifacio. Anchor here and explore the medieval clifftop citadel that defended against the Ottoman Empire centuries ago, or simply enjoy a Pietra beer and load up with delicious candies from La Caverne D'Ali Bonbon before heading out again to admire the sheer cliffs this island is famous for.

Heighten your Mediterranean mood with: Destination Ailleurs by Yannick Noah

The Greek Islands, Greece

The Greek Islands aren’t exactly the world’s best secret when it comes to boating locations, and in fact they’re frequented by some of the world’s wealthiest on vacation. However, their sheer number has been estimated (that’s right, there are so many no one actually knows the exact amount!) between 1200 and 6000. So even though it may be a saturated tourist location, plenty of remote and secluded destinations still exist. Take it from us—the best way to find one of these spots is not to plan for it at all. Head to one of the main ports like Santorini, stock up, and then simply cruise, stopping wherever catches your eye. We guarantee this will be the experience of a lifetime, and it will take that long to process the beauty of what you’ve seen!

Your best song to soak up the sun: Go Outside by Cults

Catalina Island, California

Escape the gridlock traffic of Los Angeles, and head out to Catalina Island for a weekend. Located about 40 miles off the coast, depending where you embark from, Catalina Island is a perfect daytrip, or spot to anchor down for the weekend. With only a few thousand locals living on the island, it’s the perfect balance of isolation, mixed with all the facilities you need to have a great time. Climb to Mt. Orizaba and view the entire island, or walk its many paths to view wildlife found no where else in the world! This island offers a refreshing escape from the busyness of LA, and is a hidden gem for West Coast boaties.

Enjoy the California sun cruising to: The Thrills by Big Sur