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In the Market for a Marine Stereo System? Here’s the Nitty Gritty Things To Know

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There are all sorts of different aspects to marine stereo systems that you might not be aware of if you’ve just made the decision to add one to your vessel. That first decision’s an easy one – why not add an extra layer of entertainment to your adventures on the waves? – but everything that comes after does require some consideration and research.

Luckily, we’ve made things a little easier by pulling together some of the key points you should know about before you commit to a particular stereo system model or set-up. With a little thought and planning, you can really maximize your vessel’s new entertainment system, and enjoy it for years to come.

Do you know… what you want to listen to?

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what we need from our audio systems. Are you more likely to be tuning into the radio to get sports scores or are you keen to get cranking your favorite tunes? Do you have a device that holds its charge well and plays nicely with Bluetooth, or will you need something that connects via USB?

If you’re just after AM/FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity, the options are virtually endless. All models will cover these two basic criteria, so you can focus instead on all of the other variables at play.

A direct USB connection is an option for a variety of systems too. As well as allowing you to keep your device charging while using it – so you don’t run the risk of running out of juice and having a much quieter return trip – USB connectivity also means that you’ll get improved sound quality over what a Bluetooth connection can offer. Alternatively, Wi-Fi connectivity is now coming through in our newest models – find out more about why a Wi-Fi system is so effective here.

AM/FM radio, Bluetooth and USB are the most commonly used inputs, with Wi-Fi becoming a possibility in recent times – but there are other sources that you might want to give some thought to. If you need optical audio input, SiriusXM radio stations or other digital radio options, there are different configurations to suit.

Do you know… whether you’ll use the system for viewing as well as listening?

There are fewer options that are designed for DVD playback – but they are out there. If you’re keen to be able to watch movies or episodes of TV shows on your system, AV models like the MS-AV650 and MS-AV755 will do the job marvelously.

Do you know… how many sound zones you want?

Beyond what kind of entertainment you want to enjoy onboard, there’s also the need to give some thought to how you want to experience that entertainment! Give some thought to the layout of your boat – how many different zones would you need to be able to be controlled independently?

Strange to wrap your head around? Here’s an example. If your vessel just has an inside area and an outside area, you may want to ability to turn down the volume in the outside area so you don’t disturb those around you while at the marina – even if you’re still enjoying some tunes or talkback in the cabin. Every Fusion source unit has at least two different sound zones – but if you’ve got a larger boat or yacht, you may be after more than that. Give it some thought, and your needs can be taken into account when you’re picking the right system.

Do you know… whether or not you’ll need different audio playing in different zones?

Got your number of sound zones sorted? Great. The next question is to think about whether or not each of those different areas need to be able to play unique music and sound, or just the same source at different volumes.

Maybe your kids would prefer to sit indoors and watch a movie while the grown-ups are having an after-dinner chat with friends on the deck. Or someone wants to keep an ear on the news in bed first thing while someone else wants a soundtrack to their early morning fishing exploits. PartyBus with the Fusion Apollo Series lets you do just that.

Sorting out these aspects of what you need will help you figure out exactly what system will best suit your needs. Get things set up your way, and enjoy the days and nights to come on board your vessel – with a new world of sound around you.