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To really appreciate the level of engineering that has gone into the Signature Series, you first need to look back at problem that led to the need for this product initially.

Ask anyone you know; your friend, his friend, his mom or the local bait and tackle merchant and you’re guaranteed to find that music has some form of association with them personally. The notion that music can trigger a memory response, or a particular song can be associated with a special moment is not a new theory and has been researched in depth over the years. You could dig deeper with this theory and look at the cross-cultural associations with music, the underlying theme is that music can act as a language, which is why so many can relate. You can even appreciate a song from a foreign language; you may not necessarily understand the words, but can connect with the tone, rhythm or beat.

I digress slightly from my original point – why do we need the Signature Series. The answer is simple: Everyone has different taste in music and there is nothing worse than hearing your favorite song through bad speakers.

To date manufacturers had for the most part focused on the low frequency range, the bass notes or the things that go boom. But what if I like rock, jazz, blues, country, classical, pop, dolphin calls or opera? Therein lies the need and this is our solution.

By combining our experience in Outdoor-Ready engineering with our passion for acoustical harmony, we have delivered what we consider to be the best musical entertainment grade speakers in the market today. Designed for lovers of all music, not just loud bass.

The materials.

By utilizing the highest-grade materials available, that withstand the pressures of exposure to the outdoor environment while at the same time reproducing clear and defined acoustics, we can make the best quality sounds for your camper/RV.

CURV is a fibre composite that is woven together and heat pressed to form both a lighter and stronger cone material. This makes it impervious to moisture and is extremely temperature tolerant, which means come rain, hail or sun you’ll always have the tunes playing.

Silk was chosen for the tweeters because they offer smooth reproduction of high frequency notes, which gives you a warm and mellow sound. Silk tweeters are engineered for high power handling and are reinforced with synthetic materials to add stiffness.

The basket housing is made from high-grade ASA engineered plastics, which creates a very rigid environment for the speaker drivers. All crossover and basket components are sealed inside the housing to prevent moisture intrusion and a larger voice coil is included for higher power handling.  

If you’re looking for a little bit of flash, the sports speakers and subwoofers are fitted with dual color LED’s which illuminate a soft glow on the speaker cone. Available in Blue or White and adjusted by either switching the polarity on the terminal, or by equipping the system with a FUSION regulator SG-VREGLED - which keeps a constant voltage across all speakers and allows switching of the colors.

Depending on your vehicle we have 3 styles to choose from, either the classic with a perforated grille, a sports white or a sports grey/chrome. Note the classic does not offer LED illumination.

Seeing these speakers is really only half of the experience, you have to hear them to truly appreciate the effort that has gone into engineering these speakers not just for sound, but for music.

Play your favorite song, close your eyes and relax. If you’re taken back to your wedding night, college graduation, high school sweetheart or whatever it might be, then we’ve done our job.

That right there is the power of music.

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