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Meet Porcelain & KAØZ - Your Overall Winners Of The 2018 Fusion SoundRise Project

We’ve reached the end of New Zealand music month – and we’re celebrating a talented Kiwi duo whose music is now being heard on the world stage - Porcelain & KAØZ are the overall winners of the Fusion SoundRise Project for their track ‘Completion’ which was submitted in the final round of the 2018 competition.

Formed in the furnace of future music, Porcelain & KAØZ is the perfect fusion of a DJ from the lands of Wanaka and a singer/songwriter from the shores of Waiheke Island. Meeting originally at MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand), they quickly realized that their unique combination made for magical music – a style which can be best described as EDM future bass magic.

Their winning track – Completion – was a true team effort which began with the bones of the track, before layering on some simple soft synth pads in a chord progression and the rhythm and bass using other melodic electronic instruments. Vocalist, Holly, recalls the lyrics were completed in “no more than fifteen minutes… with the track making its way to – pun intended – completion.”

Not only has Completion done its rotation of approximately 42 countries while loaded onto the Fusion StereoActive portable stereos and circulated with Fusion’s sales reps – but it’s also scooped the overall prize for the 2018 SoundRise Project. As well as the global exposure they’d already received (and the requisite bragging rights!), Porcelain & KAØZ received the overall winner’s award and a hefty cash prize at the MAINZ 2018 Graduation Ceremony held back in late March at Auckland Girls Grammar School.

More about the Fusion SoundRise Project

Right from its inception, the SoundRise Project has been something special – a partnership between two well-established, homegrown Kiwi brands that would otherwise operate on opposite ends of the musical spectrum. In keeping with the ethos of Fusion’s ‘from kick drum to ear drum’ idea, and their passion for taking New Zealand music to the world, the SoundRise Project connects creativity with the commercial world.

MAINZ students are given a real-world brief and, from there, have the opportunity to create original music in one of five genres. In this way, they get to see how they can build a career out of their creativity – and the partnership between MAINZ and Fusion allows students to receive both real world connection and feedback.

Each term, a finalist for each genre is chosen following exposure on Radio Teapot – the MAINZ-run radio station – by a panel of expert judges. From there, the five finalist tracks are loaded onto Fusion’s StereoActive portable marine stereos and sent out to Fusion’s salespeople and retailers worldwide. “Our best guess is that these winning tracks will be heard in at least 42 countries,” says Marcus Hamilton, Marketing Manager for Fusion.

“We love that we can give a fresh bunch of students each term a leg up,” Marcus adds. “It was a no brainer really. We are already playing music, so why wouldn’t we make it New Zealand music? There’s so much amazing Kiwi music that never gets the exposure it deserves – so we’re working to change that.”