Meet the Ambassador: Ben Brown @ben_brown_

Meet our second ambassador, Ben Brown. Back to Pulse

Our second brand Ambassador is Ben Brown, a professional kayaker and fisherman hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand! Ben embodies adventure, action and a passion for the water, which is why we’re super excited to have him on board as a FUSION ambassador. 

We talked to Ben and asked him what would be his favorite outdoor activity and why - “I’ll always choose kayaking! It’s a portal into parts of the planet that very few people get to experience and through kayaking I have forged some incredible friendships that will last a lifetime”.


Ben also loves his fishing - You can see him as part of the Built To Fish TV program that do regular episodes about fishing around New Zealand. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


With a multitude achievements under his belt, some of Ben’s fantastic professional kayaking career highlights include:

  • 1st descents in 9 countries (Norway, Iceland, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia and Thailand)
  • Paddled in 30+ countries
  • Member of the 3rd Successful Murchison Falls Expedition – Northern Uganda
  • 2nd Descent Aldeyarfoss, Iceland. (Previous Guinness World Record)

Seems like he’s been all over the world and done some pretty epic adventures. So we asked him what the craziest and/or most surreal moment he has ever experienced was:

Completing the Murchison Falls Expedition. 5 days of avoiding thousands of crocs and hippos whilst negotiating some of the biggest whitewater on the planet.  This was written by one of the expedition members and sums up the feelings well: “We had arrived at last. We embraced and breathed deeply of the euphoria that accompanies success. There was a general consensus that we had all just shared the greatest river experience any of us had ever had. We passed the evening with friends and girlfriends and too much strong drink. We told stories, we joked, we danced. In the air there was that slight fever that reigns over survivors of an ordeal, tinged with a hint of regret that the action is over, the mission accomplished. It seems to me that it is useless to seek happiness elsewhere than in the warmth of friendship and shared experience. Nothing can match the treasure of common memories, of lessons won from shared hardship which bind us forever. It is such a privilege to spend the greatest moments of our lives among rivers that remind us of our vulnerability, our ultimate lack of control over the world we live in. Rivers that demand humility, and yield so much peace in return”.

That sounds very hard to beat. So what would Ben’s perfect weekend look like?


It would have to involve some fishing and some waterfalls… Maybe a few margaritas in Cabo San Lucas with my fiancé, a Saturday spent chasing Mexican waterfalls with the boys, some Coronas on the beach on Saturday night watching the sunset and a Sunday spent on the ocean chasing Marlin. Yep that sounds pretty good to me!

Ben has been taking the FUSION StereoActive out with him during both his kayaking trips and fishing adventures with Built to Fish TV. As well as providing the music (very important), Ben particularly loves the ActiveSafe storage case*! “I’ve drowned way too many iPhones, particularly when using them to stream music, so this feature is going to preserve the life of my phones!!!


Ben says that music plays a huge role in his life. “I listen to it every day! Through music I can transport myself back to memorable moments in my life and the songs that accompanied them. Music, motivates, consoles and inspires, and is an ever present travel companion”.

What’s on your playlist right now? “Man I have the most random playlist ever! My most recent songs on Spotify are by The Goo Goo Dolls, Adele, Ziggy Alberts, Blind Melon, Dermot Kennedy, Greg Johnson, The Naked and Famous, Kendrick Lamar, Opiou and Shapeshifter”.

Great taste!

Don’t forget to follow Ben on Facebook and Instagram.

*ActiveSafe is sold separately to the StereoActive. 

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