Meet the Ambassador: Tenacious Tom @tenacious_tom13

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It’s time to introduce our very first StereoActive brand ambassador - Tom Taylor, also known as Tenacious Tom!

Tom has an electric Instagram full of color, fun and enviable stand up paddle boarding adventures. His passion for the water, paddle boarding, music and being active is infectious, which is what makes him the perfect StereoActive brand ambassador.

Hailing from Orlando in the USA, known for tourism, theme parks and Paddleboard Orlando, Tom is into SUP, surfing, wake boarding, mountain biking “and anything else that gets the adrenaline flowing”.

Tenacious Tom

Tom leads tours with Paddleboard Orlando (as well as teaching Middle School physical education - talented guy!). Recently he was on the cover of Orlando Sentinel Signature Magazine and filmed a segment with CNN paddle boarding, just to name a few of his pretty awesome achievements.

We asked him why SUP was his favorite outdoor activity. “Because the possibilities are endless. I once had a morning SUP Surf session at New Smyrna Beach and on the way home, stopped to paddle with Manatees, and then paddled to a local spring to free dive… all before lunch. Amazing!!

It seems like Tom lives the perfect weekend, every weekend. He spends his Saturday’s leading tours and beginner paddleboard classes, then every Sunday he shares adventures with family and friends during what he calls “Sunday Fundays” on the water - doing anything from SUP, beach side activities or adventures on the boat: “The main ingredients are sun, fun and water”. Sounds good to us!

Tenacious Tom

Once of his favorite memories while paddle boarding was when he was traveling to St Johns Virgin Island with his friends, family and his RED Paddle Co. inflatable paddleboards. They rented a house, a jeep and paddled a different bay every day “It was like a dream. The beaches and tropical blue water made every adventure a postcard moment”.

For Tom, music is motivation… “Music makes me go the extra mile on the trails and/or rep in the gym. Music is entertainment… it makes doing boring chores a dance party and it makes long car rides a concert”.

On Tom’s Slacker Radio playlist right now is BPM workout, Dance Party, Hip Hop Hits, Dubstep, B.B. King Blues, 90s country and Attack of the Boy Bands - haha!

Tenacious Tom with paddling group

Follow Tom on Instagram @tenacious_tom13 to keep up to date with his outgoing, adventure junkie paddle adventures.

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