Melbourne Leisurefest

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We knew that the Melbourne Leisurefest was going to be big this year from the moment we arrived – there were huge lines of people waiting when we got there on the first day. That was Thursday the 8th of October, and with the event running through the weekend until the 11th, the days only got busier!

The weekend’s spectacular weather made the many RV, camping, fishing and off-roading enthusiasts in attendance even more excited to check out everything the show had to offer. From campers and luxury RVs to tents, camping chairs and fishing rods, Melbourne Leisurefest had it all!

One of the highlights was a two-story RV, kitted out with all the equipment to create the most luxurious lifestyle possible. Of course, this included a few FUSION products, like our Signature Series Speakers and the FUSION MS-AV650 Entertainment System – a head source unit that plays CDs and DVDs. Set up with a couch, PS4 and TV, these created the ultimate RV entertainment area. It was awesome to experience, and showed just what is possible when it comes to lifestyle vehicles.

It was also great to see FUSION products on so many of the latest and greatest recreational and touring vehicles. Most of these teamed up the FUSION MS-AV650 – with the FUSION UNI-Dock, a housing unit for smart phones that lets these charge while playing music. These products have been designed for use in the most unforgiving environments, and have passed rigorous testing procedures to withstand vibration, extreme temperature, humidity and salt spray, as well as being water resistant. No matter which road you choose to go down, they’ll be able to handle it!

The team at the FUSION stand were also showing off our FUSION-Link Remote Control App for iPhone, iPad and Android. Connecting to FUSION entertainment systems with ease, this app allows the navigation of all music sources, independent control of multiple audio zones and source navigation, play, pause, skip track, mute, shuffle and repeat.

Given the wonderful weather in Melbourne, many Leisurefest attendees were very impressed with this innovation, as they imagined themselves lying back in the sun outside their campers. Even if the kids were inside sleeping, with a few quick taps of their smart phone, they can have the music up outside, while the peace and quiet remains everywhere else. Coupled with FUSION MS-FR6021 speakers – which are waterproof, and can be fitted on the outside of an RV or campervan – this is a recipe for auditory awesomeness.

The app allows users to easily navigate albums, artists and playlists – album art is even displayed on screen – and can also control CD and DVD entertainment menus. It’s the only remote control you’ll need, and it’s always right where you are.

It was great to see so many of our customers at Melbourne Leisurefest excited about FUSION, and to show off all of our latest and greatest innovations. We can’t wait to do it again soon! 

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