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Original Equipment Manufacturer: Stabicraft

Fusion is proud to work with some truly outstanding Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who utilize our products on the boats they build for people to enjoy. Stabicraft has worked alongside Fusion for many years and, together, we have installed the latest range of marine entertainment products into their top of the line boats in order to improve marine experiences all around.

With Stabicraft’s award-winning range of positive buoyancy aluminum boats, it naturally follows that only the best when it comes to marine audio would do. From the strength of our partnership, has come the ability for our team to share ideas, designs, and system placements with the Stabicraft crew early on in the building process – ensuring that our True Marine equipment and their exceptional vessels work and fit together flawlessly as a unit.

Upon the release of the Apollo Series, Paul Adams, Owner and Managing Director of Stabicraft echoed again our positive feelings about our working partnership. However, it’s the strength of our work that really does it for him. According to Paul, "The team appreciate the Apollo’s quality which stands out above the competition – in particular, its 'quality touch screen' and sound that’s 'unbeaten' anywhere else in New Zealand’s marine audio market".

As we sail into 2019, the collaborative relationship between Fusion and Stabicraft remains a strong and successful one, full of promise. We look forward to releasing more new and improved marine audio systems, housed in world-class vessels, and not only keeping up with technological advancements, but exceeding expectations wherever possible.