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Product Launch: Introducing The New FM Series Speakers And Subwoofers

Clear Audio, Clean Aesthetics. All-Class.

Today, Fusion is pleased to announce the release of the all-new FM Series flush mount marine speakers and subwoofers, engineered to deliver high-quality acoustics and bass in a sleek and minimalistic form factor to meet the latest boat design trends.

Featuring a minimalistic, clean look, the FM Series are designed to be flush mounted with a mounting profile no thicker than 2.5mm [3/32”] for speakers and 3mm [1/8”] for subwoofers. The low-profile, premium near-flat installation allows for a visually appealing finish never before seen on a marine speaker or subwoofer.

The FM Series come as 7.7” 200 Watt speakers or 6.5” 120 Watt speakers with a powerful 10” 400 Watt subwoofer to add another dimension to your on-board audio entertainment experience. Available in a round or square form factor with two color options (black or white), the FM Series adds style to your vessel whilst blending in seamlessly with the aesthetics on any modern vessel.

Enjoy Fusion’s trademark quality audio reproduction as the FM Series speakers are engineered with performance and quality in mind. Combining optimized speaker drivers inherited from the performance XS Series speakers with aluminum dome tweeters to produce quality audio at all volume levels, the FM Series will deliver an enhanced audio entertainment experience out on the water.

Installing the FM Series is made intuitive also by the innovative, intelligent mounting system. Simply place the speaker or subwoofer in the cutout, tighten the screws and the speaker legs will tighten against the panel, keeping the speaker or subwoofer in place without the need to create any screw holes on your vessel.

The FM Series are also built for versatility and ease of integration with the ability to create a 2.1 audio zone. Simplifying installation and reducing system cost, you can connect a pair of FM Series speakers and a FM Series subwoofer directly to a 2 Ohm stereo stable Fusion Multi-ZoneTM stereo with built-in DSP such as the Apollo RA770, configure the DSP and enjoy high quality bass without the need for an external amplifier.

Being built from the ground up specifically to perform in the harsh marine environment, the FM Series are True-MarineTM accredited by being tested to a higher level of salt fog, temperature, vibration and UV protection while also rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection. With True-Marine accreditation, the FM Series come with a 3 year warranty.

The FM Series are also designed to comply with ISO12216 (Annex D1.1 for Areas II, III and IV) – an industry first for marine speaker and subwoofer products and a revolutionary milestone for Fusion. ISO12216 is an international standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to recognize the achievement for strength and watertightness – which is critical in the event of flooding that could lead to a rupture in the vessel’s structure affecting stability and buoyancy.

“We are excited to announce the FM Series speakers and subwoofers,” said Peter Edwards, Managing Director of Fusion Entertainment. “Modern vessel design is moving towards more and more sleek and subtle design elements. Our new flush mount speakers and subwoofers fit that aesthetic, without sacrificing on sound quality. With the new ISO12216 certification, boat owners can be confident that Fusion speakers are a safe addition to their vessel, for the ultimate peace of mind.”

We at Fusion, are dedicated to offering innovative solutions that enhance personal leisure time on the water by designing and engineering world-class marine audio entertainment products for excellent boating experiences all around the world – Friends, Family, Fusion.

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