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Putting It All Together: The Keys To A Fantastic Marine Stereo System

Fusion Signature Series Sports White marine speaker

The real trick with any new project is getting it all pulled together so that the final product is as close to the dream you’ve got going in your head. Your best bet, before starting down the path to creating your perfect system, is to talk to the experts. That could be a dedicated marine stereo installer, or us – we can always find the time to answer questions to ensure the end result is an awesome set-up and a stoked customer.

Fusion NRX300 wired remote with Signature Series Classic marine speaker on a Leopard Catamaran
Your guiding light

A little guidance goes a long way. It may mean the difference between something that’s perfectly fine but not perfect, and something that really is just what you’d hoped for. The funny thing is that more often than not, when the experts take a look at a system, there’s usually scope for a lot of improvement without spending extra money – sometimes, in fact, a better system can be created while spending less.

If you’ve read our recent blog posts about various aspects of the marine stereo browsing and buying experience, you’ll know by now that there are a whole lot of variables. So hopefully, you won’t be one of the many customers who just go out and buy “marine speakers” and a “stereo” and plonk it wherever you can find a spot on your vessel. But many are – one Fusion Entertainment in-house expert estimates that some 70% of installations he sees could have been done better.

Fusion Signature Series Sports Chrome marine speakers on a Grady White
Boat-based queries

Depending on the type of vessel you have, there will be different considerations to keep in mind – either when talking to an expert or assessing things for yourself. Sailing yachts often have quite specific power consumption issues, while someone looking for a system for a wakeboard boat may be looking for info on the sound dynamics between the rider and those on board.

Fusion Signature Series Wake Tower Speakers on a Spy wakeboard boat
Fusion Signature Series Wake Tower Speaker on a Regal
Planning for the biggest night of the year

One thing to remember is that while you may have relatively simple needs for most of your trips – weather reports on the radio or background music to get you to sleep – if you have more substantial needs from time to time, you’re going to need to cater for those situations, rather than your basic default days.

Sea Ray SDX290

So if you have a big new years’ blow-out party on deck once a year, make sure that you’re serving up speakers that will knock your party-goers’ socks off. After all, if it can handle party vibes, it can definitely handle the calmer days on board too.

Regal 42 Grand Coupe
Building fit for purpose

While all of our Fusion components are built to handle the marine environment, if you’re attempting any element of installation yourself, make sure that all other bits and pieces are up to the task too. Marine-rated wiring is a particular must – unprotected copper and salt water are not the firmest friends.

Fusion Signature Series Sports White marine speaker

Whatever approach you do take, whether you enlist professional help or want to try DIYing things, you definitely should have a talk with an expert before kicking things off. Visit a boat show and find a likely looking pro there – or get in touch with us and find an experienced Fusion installer to chat things through with. Your marine entertainment future awaits.

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