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Family-friendly, sports cruiser boats with a luxury finish, Rayglass pride themselves on their ability to find the perfect balance of comfort and entertainment, alongside durability and efficiency. Whether you’re taking to the water for a social outing, or a more focused fishing trip, a Rayglass boat has all the versatility you need and comes equipped exclusively with FUSION – with good reason!

Firstly, it comes down to innovation; both FUSION and Rayglass are committed to continual improvements and ensuring they keep ahead of the current market. “Our strong relationship and ongoing communication with the FUSION team help us achieve this – those guys are always up for a challenge!” laughs Ian Sullivan from Rayglass.

However, it’s also about customisation… Prospective boat buyers tend to want to apply a few customised features to their build, and FUSION is always able to assist with meeting those individual needs, whether they be Bluetooth connectivity, additional amplifiers, larger speakers, subwoofers, coloured lights, and so on. “The FUSION team enhance the customer’s experience even further by offering up their own expertise and creative flair to the mix.”

Music is what memories are made of; it entertains, sets the tone, and is instrumental in creating memorable moments. Whether you’re just going for an afternoon blat around the harbour, or heading away on your boat for the weekend, music is a crucial component of the trip.

Ian himself has spent countless hours out on the water in both New Zealand and Tonga, game fishing with his mates on various Rayglass boats – “cranking rock tunes from an old iPod through our FUSION system all day long, of course!” He loves that blasting out his favourite classic hits is so easy and his favourite feature is how his phone or portable music player (even an old iPod!) can be directly inserted into the head deck through the use of the revolutionary Fusion UNI-Dock. Featuring a generous tray size for the ultimate compatibility with external devices, this handy accessory has been designed to protect devices in any marine environment – even the worst storms!

Although the Rayglass team love the simplicity of the FUSION gear – especially the minimal amount of buttons on the stereo units themselves – they also appreciate how aesthetic all the equipment is; the speakers on-board the Rayglass 3500, for example, all match the colour of the interior of the boat, and are sleek and unobtrusive. FUSION gear is practical too – even on the sunniest days, it’s possible to always see the display screens, with minimal to no glare!

The other thing that unites these brands is the true love of what they do and their willingness to go the extra mile. The Rayglass team trust FUSION implicitly when it comes to reliability, quality and customer service; the FUSION Entertainment systems continue to keep everyone happy. It’s a win-win!