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Sponsoring and Showcasing at IBEX 2019

In a busy year of events and seminars, the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) is always a highlight for Fusion. The Tampa event, held over three days earlier this month, is always a great opportunity for industry experts and trade specialists to get together and learn more about what’s happening in the boat manufacturing world. This year's event was no exception!

With a combination of education sessions for boat builders, exhibitions from industry leaders, product demonstrations both indoors and out on the water, and a variety of presentations from the experts, the conference is jam-packed, but always fun for us to be a part of.

While Fusion were one of the 700 exhibitors from around the world at this year’s conference, we were stoked to be there with all the Garmin goods – sharing a booth with our parent brand. While we both had a distinct brand presence, it was cool to be connected at the show and be able to show how well the Garmin and Fusion products connect and integrate with each other for an all-round epic user experience.

We also had fabulous visibility at the event because of our sponsorship of different aspects of the weekend. From the VIP room to the gala dinner, our products and videos were visible throughout the show. Each day at 4pm, we hosted a special ‘listening experience’ for VIP attendees, where we linked up with Lumishore to showcase music and lighting over a few drinks. The celebrations didn’t stop there; the show’s gala dinner was an incredible evening. Our awesome (and sadly departing after this event) Marketing Manager, Marcus Hamilton organized the band and we had an epic evening.

By day though, our team were out on the water and in the pavilions mingling with industry members and sharing our expertise. You can catch our American Sales Director, Dan Soeters, in an interview with Trade Only during the conference here, where he speaks about the innovations in marine audio and entertainment that we’re working on.

Industry Talk

We’re proud to be out at the front of new waves of innovation and attending events like this is an important part of talking to the market to hear their challenges, as well as getting feedback on products we have launched. This reinforces the value of our focus on research and development – especially this year as the buzz seemed to be DSP (digital signal processing).

A lot of manufacturers, as we could see in the innovation area of the show, include DSP in their amplifiers (if they have it as part of their offering at all). The Fusion difference is that we’ve built it into the stereos themselves. We do this so that audio stays at the highest quality possible right the way through the audio chain (especially as we’re the only brand with built-in WiFi), and so that there’s no hidden cost of an external module for our customers.

Showcasing Our Newest Products

Our DSP innovations weren’t the only things to wow attendees – we also showcased our new FM Series and SM Series speakers. We had previously launched these the month prior at Cannes, but this was the first opportunity for our American customers to get a glimpse of them.

Our FM Series are flush mount speakers, meaning we’ve pushed all the mechanics of the speaker further back so the system looks super sleek from the outside. In comparison, the SM Series are shallow mount, so they fit into very narrow enclosures where traditional speakers usually can’t. These options have opened up high quality audio to even more of the market – no matter what kind of space they have on their vessel.

Looking Towards Next Year

This year’s IBEX was jam-packed with showcases, events, and meetings with friends throughout the industry and we loved having a place right in the heart of it all. We have no doubt that next year’s conference will be better than ever. See you in 2020, Florida!