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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Yoga: How You Can Benefit From It

In recent years, Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP) has gained popularity in New Zealand - and for good reason! There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed on a SUP board – from the exceptional views out on the water to the general fitness improvements. While SUP boards can be perfect for a bit of summer fun out on the water, they can also mix up your regular workout by acting as the floating platform for a spot of yoga.

If you’ve picked yourself up a SUP board this summer, we’ve got five great reasons why a warrior pose on the water trumps the more static yoga mat.

1) Mix up your muscles

Because SUP yoga is essentially performing your usual yoga flows whilst balancing on a SUP board, you’ll be using the same muscles you normally would, but in different ways. You will continue to use your breath and muscles to steady yourself, but because of the added balance challenges, you’ll be maximizing the effect for your quads, shoulders, arms, and core. SUP yoga is a fantastic way to increase your fitness and mix up your usual workout without compromising on a practice that you love.

2) Mindfulness

Yoga is all about slowing down and practicing mindfulness. When you’re practicing on a SUP board, becoming focused and remaining in the present moment is even more mandatory than it is on a mat. Staying present is key to keeping your balance in each and every pose. A floating platform encourages you to be mindful of every breath, movement, and foot placement, and this will lead to a deeper, more beneficial practice overall.

This mindfulness will ultimately result in your yoga practice slowing down. Rather than being in a hurry to get from pose to pose, you will be encouraged to slow your movements in order to maintain your focus and balance.

3) The great outdoors

With a SUP board, you can switch up the scenery as often as you like. Gone are the days of walking into the same studio or setting up your mat in the same little corner of the living room. With a SUP board, you can enjoy a new view every time you head out on the water - no two practices will be alike. Enjoy the sunrise, the birds, the trees, the fresh air. Plus, when you finish, there’s the opportunity for an instant refreshing cool-down right off the edge of your board.

4) No distractions

If you normally practice your yoga in a studio as part of a group, the opportunities to get distracted are a lot higher than they are out on the water. There are numerous ways you can tailor your floating yoga “studio” to suit your personal preferences. If you enjoy nothing but the sound of the rippling shoreline, that’s possible. If you enjoy playing your favorite tunes while you pose, you can do that too. You make the rules when you’re out on your SUP board.

If you enjoy taking your Fusion StereoActive™ out on the board with you to soundtrack your flow, we have the top tunes for every kind of water yogi.

Top Tunes for Music-Loving Yogis

  1. For the Traditional Yogi: “Another Day” by The Rain Library
  2. For the Indie Yogi: “Gracious” by Ben Howard
  3. For the Morning Yogi: “First Day Of My Life” by Bright Eyes
  4. For the Happy Hippy: “The Lotto” by Ingrid Michaelson
  5. For the Summer-Loving Yogi: “So True” by The Black Seeds

5) It's great for any practice level

As intimidating as it may look to beginners, SUP yoga really is ideal for students of any level. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been practicing for years, a SUP board is the perfect platform to learn the basics or introduce new challenges.