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The philosophy behind Sealegs is simple – the less time wasted getting your boat in and out of the water, the more time you’ve got to have fun on the water with your family and friends. And at FUSION, we’re all about family, friends and fun

A true market differentiator, Sealegs have been producing boats for around 12 years now and co-founders David and Maurice are still involved in the business. Many of us know the unique feature of a Sealegs vessel; each one is fitted with motorised, retractable and steerable wheels. The concept behind these amphibious boats is that by ironing out some of the more common technical difficulties and hassles surrounding getting out on the water, people are freed up to spend more time enjoying the boating experience itself.

“Many Sealegs owners keep their boats at their beachside properties and, on a ‘day off’, they’re able to go out for a bit of early morning fishing, come back in again with ease, eat some lunch, and then cruise out again with the family,” Henry Moore from Sealegs explains. Unsurprisingly, when you consider their functionality, Sealegs boats are also commonly used around the world for coastguard patrol, flood rescue and the like – situations where it’s important (vital even!) to be able to take off in the water quickly.

There’s obviously the safety element, but Sealegs’ vessels are also about fun! And it’s for this reason – and a close alignment of core values – that Sealegs use FUSION Entertainment systems exclusively on all of their models and have formed such a strong working relationship with FUSION over the years. “The product never fails to impress,” adds Henry.

From Sealegs’ point of view, having just one supplier for all of their onboard entertainment makes their lives a lot easier – they know that they can trust and recommend the product, and can confidently reassure customers of FUSION’s incomparable quality. Sealegs are also able to provide an extensive list of options to choose from in terms of which FUSION package they go with (as well as offering additional customised features, when requested!) From a practical and production standpoint, every FUSION console operates similarly and has the same mounts for speakers and sound systems, which keeps things simple.

It seems the partnership isn’t only the right decision from the brands’ point of view either, as testimonials by happy customers abound! During our time with Henry at the show, we were approached by a man who told us all about his positive experiences with Sealegs, and the FUSION Entertainment systems on-board, over the years. In fact, he liked them so much that he was now onto his third Sealegs boat! This man passionately explained that Sealegs bring people together through their accessibility and easy-to-use features; his 75 year old female neighbour, for example, often goes out on the water with him and has now gained enough confidence to drive the boat herself, all the while playing her favourite songs from days gone by. It’s a total blast from the past and such an empowering thrill for her! He and Henry agreed that the FUSION gear is user-friendly in much the same way – and it seems pretty much anyone can operate it.

It’s not all about simplicity, however – as we’ve said, there’s plenty of room for fun! Two years ago, Sealegs and FUSION collaborated on a project for another boat show, which involved building a boat from scratch and kitting it out with as much FUSION Entertainment gear as possible! It was an absolute hit with the crowd and, when the Sealegs Christmas Party that year rolled around, Henry drove their creation over from another bay. Kitted out with six Signature Series speakers, a sub and an amp, the true power of the system was displayed when they turned up the tunes so loud they could no longer hear the crashing of the ocean! “We love that despite the incredible volume FUSION speakers can provide, the quality is never compromised,” enthused Henry.

This year’s show offering was perhaps simpler, but impressive all the same, as one of the vessels being showcased was the Sealegs ‘Interceptor 9000’ – the largest amphibious boat the company has ever produced. It may have been around for about a year already, however this particular model has some brand-new technology that they’re really stoked about.

The inboard engine - which runs the wheels and hydraulics - has traditionally been in a pod and used as the driver’s seat, however, a new feature of the 9000 is the integration of the engine into the console, so that a pod is no longer necessary. This new innovation frees up a lot of additional space on the boat – great for entertaining guests. To showcase this feature and maximise the space, Sealegs have inserted a long bench seat along the back of the boat – which just so happens to also have two sleek FUSION Signature Series Speakers installed along it!

Friends, family and FUSION… it really is what it’s all about!

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