Tech To Take Boating: The Best Apps When You’re On The Water

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When you’re out on the water, it’s not only necessary to have the right gear but the right apps on your phone too! From helping you keep up with weather changes, wave height or even just cater to your music needs – these are the apps you need to check out and download for next time you hit the water.

Fusion-Link App


Our very own! The Fusion-Link app links up to your StereoActive via Bluetooth and allows you to navigate USB and MP3 tracks, set tuner regions, scan stations, set pre-sets and adjust the volume of your favourite tracks – all from your device. This is an essential app for all music lovers and water junkies, that can be enjoyed by both Apple and Android users. If you own a compatible Garmin smartwatch, download the Fusion-Link Lite app for control of the StereoActive straight from your wrist!



This app does it all! Not only is it perfect for fisherman, it caters to kite surfers, surfers, sailors, paragliders and those taking part in virtually any other leisure activity that involves water! WINDY keeps you up to date with the latest wind changes via a wind map, shows real time wave and tide updates and provides local spots rated by popularity to search and explore.

Predict Wind


The name says it all really; Predict Wind describes itself as being “the most accurate wind forecast on the web.” This app provides you with detailed tables and graphs of wind patterns and is the top choice app of sailors and navigators. Avoid getting stuck in a situation out there, or struggling to get back to shore, by making sure you’ve checked in with this important app before you leave dry land!



As boaties, we know there’s no road map out there on the water, so we rely on our GPS to get around; this app will help you even further when it comes to navigation. Not only will Navionics provide you with specific guidance on the water, it also features marina phone numbers, tidal height, stream and drift. Most importantly, Navionics doesn’t need to be in cellphone range as it uses your on-board GPS!



Last but not least, iNavx. Trusted internationally by casual and professional boaties, iNavx has been named the world’s #1 marine navigation app. It’s a handy tool for displaying charts from your favourite chart providers, and has a pretty epic chart plotter. You can also use the app to display real-time instruments, like speed, course, bearing and waypoints – and, importantly, it’s a great way to discover new fishing spots.

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