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Regal 2000 ES
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Unveiling an Exciting New Lineup for On-Board Entertainment

November was an exciting month here at Fusion! Along with the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and METSTRADE, we’ve released a range of fantastic new products to add to our marine audio entertainment collection. From wireless remotes to RGB LED speakers and subwoofers, it’s safe to say we’re delighted with the results.

Fusion Signature Series Sports White marine speaker
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Putting It All Together: The Keys To A Fantastic Marine Stereo System

The real trick with any new project is getting it all pulled together so that the final product is as close to the dream you’ve got going in your head. Your best bet, before starting down the path to creating your perfect system, is to talk to the experts.

Fusion Signature Series Sports Chrome marine speaker IP65
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IP Ratings Explained - and Why They Matter

When you’re on the water, you want to know that the equipment you have installed on your boat isn’t going to give up on you after only one season – even when exposed to the elements.

Fusion FR Series marine speakers on a Grady-White
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Tech Crunch: The Lowdown on Installing Marine Speakers

Installing your own speakers can be an intimidating matter. If you’re anything like us, the boat is your pride and joy. The last thing you want to do is mess it up by cutting a bunch of holes in the wrong place!

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Working Through Networking For Your Marine Stereo System

The different benefits of a quality audio network are huge. Networking means crisp, clear and beautiful audio quality, flexibility in design (both at set-up and further along the track if you add any additional components), convenience, ease of compatibility… the list goes on.

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Marine Speakers - What Do All The Numbers Mean?

When you’re investigating potential new marine sound systems, there are a lot of numbers involved. Some might have obvious meanings, some might become clear with context. And some may remain a mystery for the ages.

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What is Fusion’s True-Marine™ Rating and Why Does it Matter?

Here at Fusion we’ve got a long history of enjoying life on the water. Our True-Marine™ philosophy was developed directly from our collective experience confronting the harsh marine conditions in New Zealand’s beautiful backyard – the Pacific Ocean.

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Exciting New Features for Apollo, Including Advanced SiriusXM® Features!

Here at Fusion we believe in making it as simple and easy as possible to access the best quality audio entertainment wherever you are. That’s why we are continually looking to add new features and enhancements to both new and existing products to bring the comfort, convenience and flexibility of your home audio system to your home away from home.

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To Amplify Or Not To Amplify?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re kitting out your vessel with a new sound system – and there are all sorts of things that might seem like exciting extras to some and unnecessary additions to others.

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In the Market for a Marine Stereo System? Here’s the Nitty Gritty Things To Know

There are all sorts of different aspects to marine stereo systems that you might not be aware of if you’ve just made the decision to add one to your vessel. That first decision’s an easy one – why not add an extra layer of entertainment to your adventures on the waves? – but everything that comes after does require some consideration and research.

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Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth: Is There an Impact on Sound Quality?

In the 10th century AD, Harald ‘Bluetooth’ Gormsson reached his prime, uniting Denmark and Norway. Just years later, however, the Scandinavian king was usurped, losing the throne to his own son. Fast forward a millennium, and a different Bluetooth has unified the phone and personal computer industries. This well-known technology has played a prominent role in society, but just like its namesake, we believe its time on the throne is limited.

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The Critical Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Marine Stereo System

So you’ve decided to install a marine stereo – great move! Your time on board is about to get enhanced in a wicked way. But before jumping into any commitments, or grabbing the first tempting deal you happen upon, there are some things to consider before you take the plunge.

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It Gets Even Better… Industry-First Apple AirPlay for the Apollo Series!

Along with the Apollo Series bringing the world’s first marine touchscreen stereo, the world’s first marine Wi-Fi stereo and the first stereo in the marine industry to feature PartyBus functionality, the Apollo Series stereos have pushed the benchmark even higher by adding AirPlay to enhance your audio entertainment experience with your iPhone.

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Upgrading the Old Girl

Every now and then, we need to upgrade the old girl. Your boat, that is, not your wife (we’ll save that for another blog).

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