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The Critical Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Marine Stereo System

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So you’ve decided to install a marine stereo – great move! Your time on board is about to get enhanced in a wicked way. But before jumping into any commitments, or grabbing the first tempting deal you happen upon, there are some things to consider before you take the plunge.

Just like there are so many different types of marine vessels, there’s a wide range of different options and configurations for marine stereo systems too. And as with anything in life, some pairings work better than others.

Boats are a very difficult place to reproduce high quality sound. Between wind and engine noise, there are some unavoidable factors that any sound system will have to contend with. But there are more nuances than that to consider.

Wide open spaces

Vessels that are open, with noisy engines and high speed capability, will always need a high-end system in place. If you want to be able to actually hear your music or the radio, something that is properly fit for purpose and tailored to precisely this kind of situation will be necessary.

Wind can be friend or foe when it comes to actual movement on the waves – but when you’re trying to listen to something other than ambient noise, it’s your worst enemy. Open boats need high powered systems in order to do their job properly.

If your vessel has a cabin or small salon space, these will provide a better environment for playing music the way that you want to hear it. With less to compete with – in terms of noise from wind, waves and engine – you’re automatically going to have an easier time of it. You’ll have the option of something a little more simplistic, and smaller speakers or systems powered directly from the source unit are both viable things to consider. The Panel Stereo from Fusion is a great option if you’ve got this kind of set-up to work with.

Sounds good – and looks good too

A large modern yacht is a marvel of design – and as such, you’ll want to make sure that any sound system you put in place is a suitable aesthetic match. A European-built vessel will tend to lend itself to slim line, unobtrusive products. There are some ultra low profile and discreet designs – like the MS-CL602 – that don’t have a logo displayed or any obtrusive features like LED lights or sports grilles. The Signature Series Classic range is another elegant, discreet option.

Protection in pursuit of perfection

Of course, given the watery locations in which your vessel usually finds itself, it’s important to think about the level of water resistance that you’ll require for your system. If you have a smaller vessel, there may not be a dry location appropriate for mounting a source unit – meaning that in some cases, even the rear of that source unit will be exposed to the waves and the wet.

Luckily, it’s 2018, and every circumstance is catered for in some way. The smallest Fusion Entertainment stereo (the MS-RA55) is water resistant from all sides and angles.

There are plenty of other nitty gritty criteria to consider when purchasing your marine stereo system – but these core factors will put you in a good position to start considering what bells and whistles you want to have.