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To Amplify Or Not To Amplify?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re kitting out your vessel with a new sound system – and there are all sorts of things that might seem like exciting extras to some and unnecessary additions to others.

But before you tick the boxes for all the bells and whistles – or before you decide to go for the absolute bare bones – have a think about what exactly you want to get from your system. Ask yourself all the important questions… like whether or not you should get extra amplifiers.

Amp up the volume

Are you known as a party boat for hosting many a soirée, or do you just like enjoying your music at top volume? Either way, an amplifier can add significant power to your tunes. Designed to power extra speakers, an amplifier will give you the added volume you need without compromising on sound quality. However, if you’re not too keen on extra volume then extra amps might not quite be up your alley.

Bring up the bass

If you want to have a subwoofer as part of your system, you’ll definitely require an amplifier. And having a subwoofer is an excellent addition to any system for anyone who likes to really get the full spectrum experience of their music. It’s not about simply adding more bass (although it can definitely help add bass!), but instead it’s about broadening the lower range of the sound, and enhancing the sound of the whole range. Think of it as that extra oomph to bring your listening experience to the next level.

Amplification beyond basslines

If you’re happy with your sound system sans subwoofer – maybe your favorite genres don’t lean heavily on the bass, or perhaps your audio needs tend towards conversation on the radio rather than pounding music – it’s really down to you as to whether or not extra amplification needs to be part of your set-up.

Amplifiers do make a big difference to the audio performance of speakers. Ultimately, source units can only provide a certain level of power, and in a lot of cases, it’s not up there with the actual power capabilities of the speakers.

All about quality of sound

It’s not just volume that’s affected by amplifiers, but the overall quality of the sound too. If you’re cranking the volume of your source unit up to the max in order to get it as loud as you want it to be, you’ll both be distorting the sound and damaging the components. So if you want to increase either (or both) the quality and volume potential of your system, consider adding an amplifier. Your ears and your source unit will thank you!