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Unveiling an Exciting New Lineup for On-Board Entertainment

Regal 2000 ES

November was an exciting month here at Fusion! Along with the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and METSTRADE, we’ve released a range of fantastic new products to add to our marine audio entertainment collection. From wireless remotes to RGB LED speakers and subwoofers, it’s safe to say we’re delighted with the results.

With these products rolling out in stores between mid-December and March 2019, it will be a great next few months for all you keen boaties out there who love your music. Keep an eye out on the product pages and our Facebook page for availability dates!

Regal 2000 ES

First up we’ve released the ARX remote - our first ever wireless remote that communicates via ANT Technology to all compatible Fusion stereos. Compact, low profile, and both IPX6 and IPX7 water resistant, it’s perfect for audio control anywhere around your boat, from the swim platform to the bow, or to place discreetly in the cabin. Even better, its place and play design takes the fuss out of installation – simply secure it to any surface with the attached semi-permanent high bonding tape, pair to your stereo and press play – with no holes, wires or screws to worry about!

Fusion ARX wireless remote

It may be small, but the ARX remote packs a real punch with multi-zone control. Able to interface with compatible ANT-enabled stereos, the ARX remote can change source, play, pause, skip and adjust the volume in all zones. With endless options for remote placement, including one or more in each zone, wireless on-board audio control has never been so easy.

Fusion ARX wireless remote

Up next, we’ve given the EL Series speakers a makeover, with both Classic and Sports options available in a 6.5” size. With IP65 weather resistance, a shallow design providing more options for installation, and 80 watts peak power, these speakers make a modern, stylish and versatile option for your on-board audio. The Sports style EL speakers feature RGB LED lighting in a range of colors with an innovative translucent cone that evenly disperses the illumination around your vessel.

Fusion EL Series LED Sports Marine Speakers

Taking the power up a notch, we’ve also released a brand new line of LED-illuminated speakers and subwoofers – the XS Series. Available in both Classic and Sports versions, there is an aesthetic to suit all tastes, with the Sports styles featuring bright, even LED illumination in a range of colors to set the tone or match your music.

Fusion XS Series Sports Marine Speaker with LEDs on a Grady White

The XS Series range is available in 4” 120-watt, 6.5” 200-watt and 7.7” 240-watt speakers with matching 10” 600-watt subwoofers. Providing the sound quality we’ve come to love with the Signature Series speakers, but now with colourful LED illumination options and subwoofers that can be wired through a 2.1 audio zone, these are a new series that you shouldn’t miss!

Fusion XS Series Marine Speakers

An optional wireless remote for lighting control is now also available for the XS and EL Series to take full advantage of the LED illumination. Select your favorite color on the color wheel or choose a dynamic feature which cycles through color options, to enjoy an enhanced atmosphere on board whichever color and style you choose.

Fusion MS-RGBRC with XS Series subwoofers

Our ultimate all-in-one audio solution, the Panel-Stereo, has also had an upgrade – and is now available in an outdoor model! Featuring all the highlights of the original Panel-Stereo, with all the elements required for excellent audio reproduction built in to the perfectly tuned enclosure, the Panel-Stereo Outdoor is now IP65 weatherproof with a UV resistant design. Providing a seriously versatile option for excellent audio outdoors, you can install your Panel-Stereo flat, flush or directly on to any flat surface with no cut-out required, without needing to worry about water, dust and UV damage.

Fusion Panel-Stereo Outdoor on a Leopard Catamaran

Another brand new addition to our speaker lineup, we’ve unveiled the powerful Signature Series 330-watt component tweeters to seriously enhance your on-board audio. Limited speaker placement options often result in installations where the speakers are mounted low, close to deck height, which limits the amount of high frequency audio that can be heard when standing. Cue the Signature Series tweeters, the perfect complement for Fusion’s Signature Series speakers and DSP-enabled stereos, like the Apollo Series. Simply install these tweeters in higher locations such as the helm station, dash or pilothouse window support frames for a truly spectacular musical experience on board.

Fusion Signature Series Marine Tweeters

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve released our new Signature Series Wake Tower speakers, with our trademark Signature performance designed specifically for use on wake boats. The perfectly calculated enclosures ensure only the best sound quality is heard, at all volume levels, to provide the perfect soundtrack to your on-water antics – even at full speed.

Fusion Signature Series Wake Tower Speakers
Fusion Signature Series Wake Tower Speakers