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Working Through Networking For Your Marine Stereo System

There’s more to networking than just computer connections… or drinks and nibbles between businesspeople, for that matter. Networking is a core part of contemporary audio systems, and marine stereo set-ups are no different. It’s an efficient way for different components to connect and share crucial data so that the right speaker is doing the right thing at the right time!

Fusion MS-AV755 marine stereo installed on a Riviera 57
Out with the old, in with the new

Analogue audio distribution is the traditional method of getting your music out and across the speakers in your set-up. But while it does the job, it does have limitations – mostly to do with things like distance issues and signal degradation. We’re in a digital era for so many things now – and audio is no exception.

Many of those limitations of analogue set-ups are dealt with when a digital network in installed – all the while cutting back significantly on cable requirements. Needless to say, anything that cuts back on potential for exposed electrics on a vessel is a very good thing!

Fusion Signature Series marine speaker installed on a Regal tower
Fusion Apollo SRX400 installed on a Sea Ray

Keeping things simple

Contrary to what some people may fear when they start hearing IT-type terminology like networking, setting up a marine stereo network is a straight-forward process. Most aspects are pretty much plug-and-play and can be handled by people with even a small amount of technological know-how. It’s high tech stuff on the inside – but the user experience is designed to be accessible and sensible.

Fusion NRX300 wired remote installed on a Sea Ray SDX270

Fusion-Link™ allows integration between a single multi-function display and all the different components at play across the vessel. In other words, your entire network is at the tip of your fingers. Control what’s going on in different sound zones and through different channels, all from one easy-to-use console.

Fusion-Link on a Garmin MFD

The system plays nicely with NMEA 2000, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, so whatever your vessel is best enabled to handle, Fusion-Link™ is able to make it happen. You can check out our Fusion-Link enabled marine stereos here.

Fusion Apollo RA770 installed on a Jupiter
Fusion Signature Series marine speaker on a Grady-White

The different benefits of a quality audio network are huge. Networking means crisp, clear and beautiful audio quality, flexibility in design (both at set-up and further along the track if you add any additional components), convenience, ease of compatibility… the list goes on. The best part is, it’s not overly complicated, and it’s definitely something that’s manageable either by yourself or with a little help from an installer. It’s not a massive undertaking – but the results in your entertainment enjoyment will be massive!